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Medical College talks liver ailments: ‘Liver diseases very common in Kashmir’

SRINAGAR, Sep 8: Government Medical College here on Saturday organised a daylong educative programme on liver diseases.
At the event, titled ‘Surgical Disorder of Liver’, organised by the college’s post-graduation Department of Surgery, head of the department, Professor Shaukat Jeelani, said, “This is an educative programme, which is conducted seven to eight times per year to highlight the latest trend in the particular organ or a disease of human body.”
“The programme is to discuss the latest development and investigations on a disease of a particular organ to understand it in a better way.”
He said the liver diseases were very common among the people of Kashmir.
“The liver transplantation is not currently done in Srinagar, but hopefully in future we will be introducing it,” he said.
Chief Guest at the event, Principal Secretary Health and Medical Education Department, Dr Pawan Kotwal, said the diseases like Hepatitis B and C were on the rise in the valley.
“This is big challenge to our doctors. We need to be updated with the latest technology,” Kotwal said.
Quoting a survey, Kotwal said the cause of Hepatitis B and C in the lack of “abundant syringes”.
“People reuse one syringe many times. We need to address the issue and eradicate it,” he said.
“If your liver is good, you are good. We need to keep our liver healthy by having good food and avoid taking toxins.”
Principal Government Medical College, Dr Samia Rashid was also present on the occasion.
The event was distinguished into five sessions and in each session presentations were delivered by many senior as well as junior doctors of the college on different types of liver diseases and the latest procedures of surgeries of liver performed by the doctors.