`Home Chef: in a first, Kashmir to host online culinary show for home cooks

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 Srinagar: Are you passionate about cooking? Do you want to showcase your skills before the world?

No worries. ConsortX Media and Dabur Homemade are jointly organizing the valley’s first social media-based cooking competition `Home  Chef’, which is aimed at showcasing the culinary skills of Kashmiris.

A winner can take a cash prize of Rs 50,000 home.

 The competition will be judged by the valley’s renowned chef Yaseen Rishi, who according to the organisers will bring his expertise to the table to ensure a fair and thrilling competition.

 Organizers said they anticipate a turnout of over 200 food enthusiasts from the valley participating in the competition.

 “From this pool, 6 finalists will earn their place in a highly-anticipated cook-off, expected to unfold in a commercial kitchen located in the heart of Srinagar,” said Junaid Hakim, organizer of the show.

 Saying the registration for the show has already begun, he said the show has an easy entry procedure as the participants will have to register online.

 “Registration for the show has kicked off on December 11. Securing your spot is easy – register online at www.Consortx.in/hckashmir now. Home Chef-Kashmir promises not only a chance at a significant cash prize of Rs. 50000 but also media coverage that could catapult your culinary journey to new heights,” Hakim said.

 He said so far 150 people have registered for the competition. “It tells how much our young generation loves cooking. In just six days, we have almost 150 contestants who have registered for the show. The registration shall continue for a few more days till we have 200 contestants,” Hakim said.

 He said the show will equally boost the morale of the aspiring chef of the valley. “We have seen people showcasing their culinary skills on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Such shows will provide them with a platform and boost the morale of our youth who aspire to become famous chefs in the future. This competition is a master chef democratized where many people can participate to create a name in the food space,” Hakim said.

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