Former Employee Alters Manager’s Password after Leaving Job, Tampering with Entire Company’s Database

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Good workplaces aren’t just about the company itself but about having good bosses and colleagues. Even if you’re paid well, having bad managers or unsupportive coworkers can make a job terrible. On Reddit, a woman shared how being the only woman in her team led to mistreatment. She got back at her manager by changing their password and messing with the restaurant’s database. This shows how a bad work environment can push someone to do extreme things, but it’s never okay to take revenge at work.

“I don’t even care that this was immature and petty of me. I can’t stress how awfully I was treated in this job, and how the entire team joined in on it. I was the only woman on the team so it could’ve been that but I don’t want to play the gender card. I was never rude to these guys. I’m not too fond of confrontation so I used to be a doormat. I was afraid to rock the boat, so I just accepted how I was treated,” the woman said in a Reddit post.

The woman further wrote that she still had access to her manager’s account, a week after leaving the job, and decided to change the password which directly impacted the logins for others in the company.

The woman narrated that she abruptly left one evening and didn’t return, prompting numerous WhatsApp calls from her colleagues questioning her absence. Feeling emotionally overwhelmed from a prior upsetting incident, she deliberately ignored these calls, unable to handle further communication.

About a week after quitting, she discovered that she was still logged into her manager’s account, which essentially granted access to the entire restaurant’s database. Realizing the security oversight, she made a decision to alter the associated email to a fake one she had created and changed everyone’s passwords, effectively blocking their access to the database.

Describing her ordeal on Reddit, shared through an official Instagram handle, the woman, the sole female worker on her team, highlighted the mistreatment she endured despite her efforts to maintain a friendly rapport with her colleagues. She acknowledged the possibility of her gender influencing the treatment she received but refrained from solely attributing it to that factor. Expressing her sentiments, she emphasized never being confrontational, admitting to tolerating mistreatment to avoid conflict, and essentially becoming a passive recipient of unfair treatment.

Acknowledging the drastic step she took, she expressed her indifference towards being seen as immature or petty for her actions, underscoring the severity of the mistreatment she endured at her workplace. She concluded by mentioning the lack of communication from the company after changing the passwords and intentionally avoiding the office premises as a result.

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