Ethereal Quest: Henana Berjes’ spiritual odyssey through her poetry

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Tousif Raza

Passing through the deserts of pain into the garden of joy feels akin to traversing through fire. However, this journey isn’t for the ordinary; it’s reserved for the extraordinary. Those who endure their pain emerge as beings indifferent to the world, their experiences transforming them into something more. Their words carry weight, their every utterance turning into wisdom. Yet, amidst all this beauty and unparalleled understanding, they remain misunderstood by those whose hearts lack love for these extraordinary souls.
Only those can belong to Him whom He chooses. This condition mirrors the state of the lady I’m conversing about. Perhaps, even she, chosen by fate, for herself. Professionally a doctor, her name is ‘Henana Berjes.’ Despite her professional background, she is inherently a writer, crafting tales and novels in English, occasionally venturing into Urdu poetry. My interest in her poetry doesn’t stem from analyzing it critically or dissecting its literary elements. Instead, it lies in embracing the true essence of love woven within her verses梐n aroma that beckons one to dance, endure sorrow, celebrate that same pain, and then journey towards an ethereal beauty alone. Despite her profession as a doctor, this mystic woman burns within the flames of love, seeking to dissolve in the fire, dancing and pursuing a natural beauty that invites annihilation. Come, let’s explore ‘Henana Berjes’ together, to sense the fragrance of love.
Henana Berjes, a luminary within Urdu and English poetry, unveils a mesmerizing narrative through her evocative verses, transcending linguistic boundaries. Her poetic tapestry stands as an eloquent expedition through the intricate corridors of human emotion intricately entwined with the enigma of love’s tumultuous journey. Before moving ahead let’s feel it from her verses

“On which path does this heart now tread?
Who knows what’s good or what’s misread?
Escaping the fires of Namrod’s reign,
Yet again engulfed in love’s own pain.

In dust, my ego takes to flight,
Can you decipher this puzzling plight?
Even in cages, my soul takes flight,
The body an empty, hollow sight.

Has anyone understood love’s lore?
Come, Henna lay a hand, I implore.”

In Berjes’ realm, love becomes a metaphysical pilgrimage, an exploration of the soul’s odyssey. Her lines, like “Namrod’s reign overthrown, yet, caged in love’s garden again,” hint at the cyclical nature of love’s challenges, drawing parallels to historical upheavals while encapsulating the recurrent struggles within the realm of love.
Berjes’ craftsmanship employs captivating imagery, creating a vivid tapestry of sentiment. She metaphorically portrays the soul as soaring even within constraints, signifying an ethereal liberation, emphasizing the insignificance of physical constraints in the face of spiritual flight. Lines such as “The soul soared in cages, where my body dwelled,” evoke the transcendence of the soul amidst earthly confines, illustrating the dichotomy between physicality and spirituality.
At the heart of her poetry lies an enduring motif梐 quest to decipher the profound mysteries of love. In her words, “Henna, do tell us, does anyone comprehend love’s deep mysteries?” she invokes an underlying yearning for enlightenment, seeking counsel from an ethereal source to unravel the complexities of the heart’s enigmatic realm.

“Love is like the vast ocean,
It has made a home in my heart.
Now it sinks and swims,
All of this is by His will, what can I do!”

Berjes’ metaphysical belief infuses her poetry with profound depth, as seen in her metaphorical portrayal of love as vast as the ocean. “Love is like the vast ocean, It has made a home in my heart,” resonates with the grandeur and depth of love’s embrace. The comparison captures the magnitude of love, capable of nurturing and overwhelming while illustrating its permanence within the speaker’s very being.
The unpredictability of love is beautifully encapsulated in Berjes’ verse, “Now it sinks and swims, All of this is by His will, what can I do!” The metaphorical use of the ocean unveils the mercurial nature of love, experiencing moments of tranquility and tumult, surrendering to forces beyond human control, hinting at divine guidance steering its course.
Furthermore, Berjes’ verses articulate a poignant contemplation on love’s evolution within relationships. “Perhaps ten descended from the heart, Love was alive, perhaps now departed,” delicately conveys the passage of time and the ebb and flow of emotions within love, suggesting a longing for past connections and an acknowledgment of their transformation.
In essence, Henana Berjes’ poetry serves as a spiritual odyssey梐n exploration of love’s labyrinth. Her verses resonate with the enduring human desire to unravel the mysteries of the heart, inviting readers on an introspective pilgrimage through the depths of emotions梐 journey illuminated with profound grace and unparalleled eloquence.
Henana’s verses resonate as an ethereal symphony, resonating with the essence of spiritual enlightenment. Her words echo a timeless truth about the intricacies of the human heart and the enigmatic journey of love. Berjes intricately weaves the tapestry of spiritual transformation, where love becomes a conduit for transcending the limitations of the earthly realm. Lines such as “Love is a pilgrimage, a celestial flight, where souls commune in divine light,” evoke the transcendence of love, elevating it to a higher plane of existence spiritual quest intertwined with the essence of the divine.
In her exploration of love’s labyrinth, Berjes intricately dissects the duality within relationships. She poignantly articulates the interplay between longing and resignation, encapsulated in the line, “Openly tell me to return, I plead,” portraying a yearning for clarity and emotional honesty. This juxtaposition highlights the intricacies of human emotions, acknowledging the coexistence of hope and acceptance in the face of love’s uncertainties.
Furthermore, Berjes’ poetry serves as an introspective mirror, reflecting the human condition and the perennial quest for understanding. Her verses echo the sentiment that love, like life itself, is a journey tapestry woven with threads of joy, pain, longing, and surrender. This intricate mosaic of emotions transcends temporal boundaries, resonating with readers across generations and cultures.
The profound grace and unparalleled eloquence in Berjes’ poetry extend beyond linguistic confines. Her verses possess a universality that transcends language, touching the depths of the human soul. Each line is a melody, inviting readers to immerse themselves in the cadence of emotions spiritual communion through the artistry of words.
Berjes’ exploration of love’s complexities isn’t merely an introspective endeavor; it’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Through her verses, she navigates the labyrinth of emotions, acknowledging the vulnerability and strength inherent in love. Her poetry serves as a beacon of hope, guiding readers through the tumultuous seas of human relationships toward a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.
In essence, Henana Berjes’ poetic oeuvre transcends the realms of mere verses; it becomes a spiritual odyssey梐 transformative journey through the corridors of love. Her words, adorned with metaphorical richness and emotional depth, invite readers on a transcendent pilgrimage, resonating with the eternal quest for understanding the enigma of the heart.

The Author is an english literature student and hails from Tangmarg and can be reached at

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