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Does Strength Training Promote Quick Weight Loss?

In a world where people are trying to do everything at a quick pace, weight loss seems to be one of the slowest procedures. From cutting down calorie intake to unusual levels to spending more hours in the gym, people try n number of techniques just to speed up weight loss. This also includes trying all sorts of teas and weight-loss-inducing supplements, but these are the not the healthy way to lose weight. With all this, quick weight loss seems like a myth. But what if we told you that there is one technique which promotes quick weight loss and that too, the healthy way?
If you thought that those weights in the gym are just for bodybuilders, you are mistaken. Perhaps you could use them for shedding extra pounds faster. Yes, we agree that cardio workouts help you burn calories too, but including strength training in your routine will give your weight loss goals the boost it needs. So basically, if you are aiming at weight loss, strength training is your key.
We agree that strength training does not give you that sweaty and heart-pounding feeling which zumba or cardio does, but it still is more effective than the rest. Strength training primarily works by burning calories when your body is at rest. It promotes lean muscle mass which is beneficial for you in the long run. It helps you get the perfect lean body you always dreamt of.
Aerobics and cardio VS Strength training
Aerobic exercises promote weight loss but they are not very effective in burning fat and promoting lean muscle mass. Likewise, losing weight through cardio is all about shedding fat and muscle mass. Neither of them promotes lean muscle mass. When these two workouts are not supported by strength training, they could slow down your metabolism instead of speeding it up.
Strength training promotes quick weight loss because it burns calories during the workout and it gives your metabolism an additional boost which helps it burn fat even when you are at rest. This way, you end up burning more calories than what you did while practicing cardio.
Worried if you will bulk up instead of losing weight?
Some people are under the impression that strength training will only increase weight by bulking up the body. But this is not true. You will not bulk up because of strength training unless you drink protein shakes and take steroids.
To conclude, we can say that strength training is a better, quicker and more fun way to lose weight. So quit running for miles to get the perfect figure. Instead, you must spend some more time in the gym with weights and practice strength training.