BJP stands with Israel; Congress, Left call for peace

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Amid escalating tensions in Palestine and Israel on October 8, both the ruling BJP and opposition parties in India weighed in on the situation. The BJP drew parallels between Israel’s current situation and India’s experiences with terrorism during the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) regime. In an official video post on X (formerly Twitter), the BJP expressed solidarity with Israel, stating, “What Israel is facing today, India suffered between 2004-14. Never forgive, never forget…” Prime Minister Narendra Modi also expressed shock and offered condolences for the terrorist attacks in Israel, emphasizing India’s support.

On the other hand, the Congress condemned the “brutal attacks on the people of Israel” while advocating for dialogue and negotiations to fulfill the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people, all while safeguarding the national security interests of Israel. Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh emphasized that violence is not a solution.

The Left parties also denounced the attacks and counter-attacks, calling on the United Nations to intervene and ensure the legitimate rights of Palestinians, the withdrawal of Israeli illegal settlements, and the implementation of the “Two Nation State” solution. They expressed concern about the casualties on both sides and urged restraint to prevent further loss of lives.

In summary, as the Palestine-Israel conflict escalated, Indian political parties expressed their positions on the matter, with the BJP supporting Israel, the Congress advocating for dialogue, and the Left parties calling for UN intervention and a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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