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Akhter sends legal notice to Abid Ansari for issuing ‘malicious’ statements

Srinagar, Sep 11: People’s Democratic Party senior leader and former minister Naeem Akhtar on Tuesday sent a legal notice to PDP MLA Abid Ansari for the statements in which he has made allegations of corruption against him.

“You (Abid Ansari) have clearly mentioned the name of my client (Naeem Akhtar) in your statement to a local news agency and have levelled serious allegations against him including allegations of massive corruption by virtue of which allegedly my client has bought 250 kanals of land in Budgam district. You have made direct references to my client, and the political party to which he belongs, with respect to the defamatory content of your statement,” reads the notice that Akhtar has sent to Abid Ansari- MLA Zadibal via through his lawyer.


It adds that through the said defamatory and mala fide statements, Ansari has caused irreparable damage to Akhtar’s image and reputation as well as to the reputation and standing of the party to which he belongs.

“Your statements without any doubt are a clear and malicious attempt to create differences between the office bearers, members, workers, and supporters of the J&K People’s Democratic Party and a sinister effort to break up the People’s Democratic Party,” says the notice, adding that Ansari has lied in his statements outrightly and these are nothing but brazen concoctions. It further states that Ansari’s motive behind this was not only limited to destroy Akhtar’s reputation but there is something more threatening and sinister at play.

The former minister has stated that A the incorrect allegations raised by Ansari amount to criminal defamation under section 500 RPC/IPC and is punishable under the penal laws of both J&K and India. “My client empathetically denies any such allegations and the onus lies on you to prove otherwise. Further, you will be held liable for any monetary and legal damages which my client seeks before a court of law.”

Akhtar has further through the notice asked Ansari to issue an unconditional public apology through print, electronic and social media for the incorrect allegations levelled against him and by ensuring that the said apology will be published in local and national newspapers with the same prominence as the impugned statements within fifteen (15) days from the receipt of the legal notice.