Watch: Thief shakes a leg before robbing hardware store

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A thief was caught on camera dancing while robbing a hardware store in Uttar Pradesh’s Chandauli.

A CCTV installed inside the shop captured the entire incident. The footage shows the masked thief entering the store and stealing the goods. He shook a leg before making good his escape.

Local media reports quoting shop owner Anshu Singh said the thief stole cash and goods worth thousands of rupees. The crime was detected when Singh opened his shop after seeing the broken shutter.

CCTV cameras are usually installed for safety reasons, and to scare thieves, but this man didn’t care at all. As soon as he spotted a CCTV camera inside the shop, he started dancing.

A similar incident happened in October 2018 in Ahmedabad where a thief from a gang of five was caught dancing in CCTV footage after committing the offence. The robbers stormed a flat in Sargasan village of Gandhinagar and stole ornaments worth Rs 1.81 lakh, police said.

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