Watch: How teacher shames students for being K-pop BTS fans

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Mumbai: A video of a teacher humiliating students for being BTS fans has taken the internet by storm.

K-pop is hugely popular across the world. BTS has millions of fans across the world including India.

In a video, a teacher working with the educational app `Physics Wallah’ can be heard saying that he would have beat up male students. But since the fans were female students, he said he can’t do anything.

It is to be noted that, this is not the first time that teachers have mocked students for being fans of BTS.

The video has garnered a mixed reaction from netizens. Some argued that it is best to ignore such people, and others argued that teachers should not be concerned with the type of music that children prefer. Others stated that while discussing BTS in the online class, students made a mistake, but this type of behavior was inappropriate.

“Could have just banned the students for class disturbance…. @PhysicswallahAP If you don’t do anything about this, your policy to protect your minors is worse than Youtube,” wrote one user.

“@PhysicswallahAP sir is this how all your teacher behaves to students?? Ik she mentioned bts name in the middle class what was not appropriate but shouldn’t your teacher be respectful towards ppl …. being a singer and dancer is not a shameful passion that the teacher has to,” said another

“Has made a very platform out there but it’s disappointing and disgusting to see your staff threatening the students what are they even teaching the students to be violent? maybe teach the staff too be respectful and not to be misogynistic?” asked the third

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