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This Protein-Rich Food Can Help Lower High Blood Pressure

The pseudo-grain buckwheat is gaining lot of popularity these days. This is because buckwheat is a highly nutritional substitute for wheat. Rich in fiber, protein, antioxidants, and aromatic compounds, it offers several health benefits and is useful to prevent many chronic illnesses. It is known to prevent certain types of cancer, aids in digestion, is good for the heart, manages diabetes, boosts the immune system, reduces gallstones, good for strengthening the bones, prevents asthma and even prevents anemia. Let us quickly discover some of the health benefits that this grain offers.

Delhi based nutritionist Nmami Agarwal said, “After gaining immense name across the world, buckwheat has become the staple of very healthy diet now! Today, it’s also amongst the most prominent plant-based and gluten-free food items as it has to offer high source of amino acids. Furthermore, it’s majorly suggested to inculcate in healthy diets due to its high levels of minerals and diverse antioxidants. Reasons why buckwheat is still accumulating continuous applause is, it has high-quality protein which is easily digestible, may help lower blood sugar levels because of low glycemic index (GI) and at last may also aid in weight lose due to its abundant fiber content which makes you feel fuller for long time making you eat less naturally.”


Top health benefits of buckwheat:

1. Rich in proteins

This grain is rich in protein and can even be used as a substitute for meat. It has all the essential amino acids which makes it a complete and good source of protein. This makes it a great source of protein for vegetarians and vegans.

2. Helps in managing diabetes

As compared to many whole grains, this pseudo-cereal is very low on the glycemic index. This means that the carbohydrate content is absorbed slowly into the blood stream, providing the human body with a steady flow of energy. By preventing a sudden spike in blood sugar, this nutritious grain helps in managing diabetes.

3. Digestive health

Fiber is one of the key nutrients which is beneficial for digestion. Nutritious buckwheat is rich in fiber. It adds bulk to your bowel movements improve your digestion. It prevents gastrointestinal issues such as colon cancer. As an added benefit, the grain may also treat diarrhea in some patients.

4. Weight loss

As mentioned earlier, buckwheat is rich in proteins and fiber. Both the nutrients are essential if you are on a weight loss program. These nutrients help promote fullness which thereby prevent you from overeating in the next meal. Therefore, adding buckwheat to your diet can help you lose weight quickly.

5. Lowers blood pressure

Yet another reason to add buckwheat to your diet. Buckwheat contains significant amounts of rutin. Buckwheat can help manage high blood pressure because of the rutin content

(Nmami Agarwal is a celebrity nutritionist)