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World Drug day

To tackle the growing menace of drugs abuse, a District Level meeting on the Prevention of Drug Abuse & Narcotics Trade (NCORD) was chaired by Deputy Commissioner (DC) Srinagar, Dr. Bilal Mohi-Ud-Din Bhat on Tuesday. The meeting shed light on the multifaceted approach adopted to address this societal challenge. One of the cornerstones of the anti-drug strategy has been the robust enforcement actions taken by law enforcement agencies in Srinagar District. The arrest of 186 drug peddlers, including 16 under the Prevention of Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (PIT) and 2 under the Public Safety Act (PSA), demonstrates a commitment to holding those responsible for drug-related offenses accountable. Additionally, the seizure and recovery of a substantial quantity of contraband substances paint a vivid picture of the scale of the issue. The confiscated items include 108.52 grams of brown sugar, 17.07 kilograms of heroin, 11.81 kilograms of charas, 19.5 kilograms of fuki, 1361 bottles of PSY syrup, and a staggering 41812 PSY capsules/tablets. Notably, there has been a concerted effort to destroy illicitly cultivated substances, with 11.46 kilograms of ganja and 2.16 quintals of bang/poppy straw/cannabis uprooted and eradicated. Cash recovery from drug peddlers, totaling Rs 26.46 lakh, serves as a stark reminder of the financial incentives driving the illicit drug trade. These enforcement actions not only disrupt the supply chain but also send a clear message about the zero-tolerance stance against drug abuse in the district. The Excise Department too has played its role in combating drug-related issues. Wild bhung, spread over 350 kanals of land, was destroyed to curb the cultivation of substances contributing to drug abuse. Furthermore, illicit poppy cultivation, covering over 12.5 kanals of land, was uprooted. Addressing the drug menace is not just about law enforcement; it requires a comprehensive strategy that includes preventive measures. Several awareness programs regarding narcotic crops and drug abuse have been conducted in the past. The District Level meeting chaired by DC Dr. Bilal Mohi-Ud-Din Bhat emphasized the non-negotiable nature of the drug issue. A zero-tolerance approach was underscored, and members of the NCORD Committee were called upon to keep vigil on vulnerable places to prevent the spread of drugs. The meeting emphasized attacking the issue from both the supply and demand sides, breaking the supply chain while simultaneously addressing the societal demand for drugs. Emphasizing the need for attacking the issue at its roots, the DC called for intensified deterrence measures to control the harmful effects of the drug menace. The DC stressed the importance of engaging resource persons and experts in seminars to educate the target groups about the harmful effects of substance abuse in an impactful manner. The multifaceted strategy outlined in the meeting signifies a commitment to addressing the issue of drug abuse at various levels. It recognizes that enforcement alone is not sufficient and that societal awareness and preventive measures are equally crucial to tackle the menace of drug abuse.

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