Marchoi trek to Dachigam walk: Unexplored tourist destinations burst at seams as visitors try new things in Kashmir this fall

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Srinagar: Two unexplored destinations are reporting a heavy footfall of trekkers this fall.

Marchoi in Ganderbal district and upper Dachigam have become tourist hotspots this season.

Known for wildlife, the two destinations are attracting a large number of trekkers as the trek to greater lakes has been closed for the next six months.

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Marchoi trek to Dachigam walk: Unexplored tourist destinations burst at seams as visitors try new things in Kashmir this fall 3

Currently, adventure companies are holding trekking expeditions to these destinations. Scores of backpackers from Kashmir and outside are exploring new destinations this autumn.

“Marchoi trek and Dachigam walk are in high demand nowadays. Greater lakes, which are famous summer trekking destinations, have been closed from October 12. Since these two destinations are very near to the summer capital, trekkers prefer to visit them this fall,” said Mohammad Arif Ahmad, founder of Cliffhangers India.

The USP of these destinations is rich wildlife, flora and fauna, and angling activities.

“Marchoi has a different passage and a trekker spot different bird species en route. Marchoi is also an abode for brown bear, langur, and hangul. It also is an angling paradise,” he said.

Dachigam National Park, which is home to different wild animals and plant species, equally draws a crowd during autumn.

“A lot of explorers prefer to visit Dachigam during the autumn season. Apart from the scenic beauty, trekkers find it very adventurous in autumn,” he said.

Ahmad said the trekking to these destinations will continue till March. “So far, we are taking at least one group of trekkers at a time. The footfall to these destinations will increase in the coming months,” he said.

A trekker said that scores of tourists including foreigners prefer to trek to these two places.

“High-end tourists visit the valley during late autumn. They love to explore new places in Kashmir. They visit these two places to explore wildlife and participate in angling activities. During the last one week, we accompanied scores of tourists to Dachigam,” said Nisar Ahmad a trekker.

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