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Jammu seeing more deaths; its GMC says patients ‘reporting late’

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Srinagar: Jammu division has recorded nearly 55 percent of the total COVID deaths despite witnessing only 31 percent of the total cases in the union territory for the last one week.

As per the data, the union territory recorded 26464 COVID cases since April 26. Of whom 69 percent (18157) cases were reported from Kashmir and the rest 31 percent from Jammu.


However, the death toll in Jammu during the last one week has been higher compared to the valley.

Of 275 deaths since April 26, Jammu recorded 151.

With a total bed capacity of 1735, the UT administration has dedicated 26 hospitals and health centers for the treatment of mild and severe COVID-19 cases in Jammu.

Kashmir has 23 hospitals and health centers with a total bed capacity of 2082 for the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Principal Government Medical College (GMC) Jammu Dr. Shashi S Sudhan cited the admission of patients with advanced level of disease in the Jammu hospitals as the main reason behind increased mortality rate.

“I agree that the Jammu division has recorded an increase in the death toll. It is because almost 30-40 percent of the patients are being reported in health institutions at an advanced stage of diseases. Even some are brought dead. Some are brought to hospitals five minutes before they expire,” she said.

Dr. Sudhan noted that tests show that the majority of the patients admitted to health institutions suffer from severe lung diseases. “When a patient is brought at an advanced stage of disease, he has fewer chances of survival despite doctors putting all their efforts,” she said.

The principal said the Jammu division has reported multiple mutations of the virus. “In the last two months, there have been multiple mutations. We have sent the samples for sequencing to know the exact reasons behind increased cases and deaths,” she said.

Dr. Sudhan said testing too has declined because people fear to venture out of their homes. “Earlier people proactively participated in testing. But due to the current fear, they don’t venture out of their houses,” she said.

Doctors in the valley believe that the health infrastructure in the valley was way ahead of Jammu.

“Why is Jammu mortality more than of Srinagar despite much more positive cases in Srinagar? Only one possibility that I can comprehend and that is our healthcare is better. Let us acknowledge that. Jammu needs urgent up-gradation of health care backup,” tweeted Dr. Tariq Tramboo, a renowned doctor.

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