Human-animal conflict: Wildlife Department Issues advisory

Srinagar, Given the increased incidents of man-animal conflict, the wildlife department has issued an advisory to prevent any loss of life.

The department appealed to people to follow the preventive measures, which include the Dos and Don’ts issued by the department.

The wildlife department asked the people to stop moving into the forest alone, particularly women and children, who are most vulnerable to leopard and bear attacks.

It said the movement towards the forest during the evening and morning hours should be restricted as “it is a peak activity time of wild animals, particularly leopards. Don’t go near or chase the wild animals if sighted from a distance.”

The advisory said the livestock in the pastures inside forests should be attended to by at least three to four people.  “Any type of bell or sound-producing device should be put around the neck of a few cattle,” it said.

The advisory called for avoiding dumping kitchen waste near houses and building concrete ‘leopard-proof’ cattle sheds. “Dumping kitchen waste invites dogs which in turn invites leopards,” it said.

The wildlife department said the people living in the vicinity of forests should complete outside activities during the daytime only.

It said the bushes and shrubs near the vicinity of the houses should be removed. “Such vegetation clearance will increase the visibility and help the leopard keep away from the houses,” the wildlife department said.

The advisory said the people should construct “leopard-proof” cattle sheds using wooden material or concrete structures. “A pet dog in the house can also alarm the presence of predators in the vicinity of the houses,” it said.

The wildlife department suggested people not to make noises on spotting a leopard. “As such the wild animals feel insecure and can cause damage,” it said.

The wildlife department also issued contacts of control rooms established to tackle man-animal conflicts.

Pertinently, the valley has been witnessing a surge in the number of man-animal conflicts.

In Budgam, two minors were killed by the leopard who was later killed by the wildlife department. (With KNO inputs)

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