Forget `Butraat’, FB, YouTube come to rescue of Kashmir farmers

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Srinagar:  Farmers in the eighties and nineties were dependent on `Butraat’, a daily agricultural program telecast on Doordarshan. It was an information bank for farmers. 

Enter social media, Butraat slipped into oblivion and Vloggers took on the mantle.

Vloggers use social media to guide growers about the spraying schedule, pesticides, and other farming methodologies.

Kashmir Apple Wala, who runs a Facebook page and YouTube channel, is one of the Vloggers who has wide reach on social media. He posts videos informing farmers about pesticides and fungicides.

Kashmir Apple Wala has 47000 followers on Facebook and the majority of them are young orchardists.  

“In This Channel, I Review All Fungicide, Pesticides, and Fertilizers… I Teach How To Do Farming In a Simple And Easy Way, I Am Having Above 45 Years Of Experience In the Horticulture And Agriculture Field And I Want To Share This Experience On My Channel So This Anyone Can Take Benefits At Their Own Will…My Channel Will Provide Scientific, Accurate and Relevant Information To Followers,” reads the description of the Kashmir Apple Wala Facebook page.

 From pruning to grafting, and from draining water to harvesting, Kashmir Apple Wala has solutions for everything related to farming.

Not just technicalities, he reviews pesticides, insecticides, and other chemicals available in the market. 

He has come up with a list of harmful chemicals so that people remain cautious while buying pesticides and fungicides. He also posts a list of genuine pesticides and fungicides.

He has also started a live discussion on his Facebook page. He answers the questions of farmers. He guides them about the scientific approaches and new innovations so that they could increase their production.

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