Find Eid Outfit Inspiration from Yumna Zaidi and Mahira Khan


Eid is around the corner and finding the perfect outfit has become a top priority for many. Look no further than Pakistani actresses Yumna Zaidi and Mahira Khan for some stunning inspiration to elevate your Eid wardrobe.

Known for their impeccable sense of style, Yumna and Mahira effortlessly combine elegance with modern trends, making them a fashion icon for many. Whether it’s traditional attire or contemporary ensembles, their wardrobe choices never fail to impress.

yumna 1
mahira 1

For those who adore traditional wear, take cues from Yumna and Mahira’s stunning ethnic looks. From vibrant colours to intricate embroidery, their traditional Pakistani outfits exude grace and sophistication, perfect for celebrating Eid in style.

yumna 4
mahira 2

If you’re leaning towards a more contemporary vibe, their chic and trendy outfits offer plenty of inspiration.

Whether it’s a stylish kurta paired with trendy trousers or a statement piece accessorized with bold jewellery, the Tere Bin actress’ modern looks are sure to make a statement this Eid.

yumna 2
mahira 3

Whether attending family gatherings during the day or glamorous Eid parties at night, Mahira Khan and Yumna Zaidi’s fashion sense ensures you’ll always look your best.

yumna 3
mahira 4

So, as you prepare to celebrate Eid, let Yumna and Mahira’s impeccable style inspire your outfit choices. Check out their Instagram handles for more trendy outfits.

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