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Drinking Chocolate Milk Can Be Beneficial Post workout

It is usually the case that one goes for a glass of fruit smoothie or protein shake after a workout. But drinking chocolate milk is probably the healthiest thing you can do post a session of tiresome workout! Research has shown that chocolate milk has such benefits that it is even more effective than supplements and protein powders. Chocolate milk primarily works at strengthening and rebuilding muscles after work out. A glass of chocolate milk is fat-free and therefore it is recommended post workout sessions. Not only is it easy to make, it is probably the most inexpensive replacement to supplements and shakes.
Why chocolate milk?
Chocolate milk is so widely recommended because of its nutritional capacities and its health benefits on the body. One cup of low-fat chocolate milk contains about 160 calories which are perfect post-workout since the body needs a source of strength and energy to get through the day. This cup of milk also contains a rich amount of B-complex vitamins. Such vitamins are essential nutrients which help convert food into energy. Chocolate milk also contains calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D which are great for strengthening bones. So now we know that chocolate milk is a treasure trove of vitamins and minerals. It is also low in saturated fats and cholesterol which is why you can consume it after work out sessions tension free.
A cup of chocolate milk also gives the body the required protein. When we exercise, our body increases the stress on muscles and sometimes, a damage in muscles may also be caused. Since one cup of this milk contains about 8 grams of protein, it gives the muscles the strength and helps it grow. Proteins also help in repairing tissues. Protein helps in extracting the maximum benefit from the workouts hence a cup of chocolate milk is good to go!
Carbohydrates, when taken in limited proportions, can prove beneficiary for the body in terms of the energy it gives to the body. Our body usually uses up the glycogen stores during exercise. Glycogen stores supply energy to the muscles. Hence the body loses a lot of energy during exercising. Chocolate milk contains about 25 grams of carbohydrates which are responsible for refilling the glycogen stores and hence it refuels the body with energy.
The reason why chocolate milk is so strongly recommended post workouts is that it contains an ideal ratio of carbohydrates and proteins. While carbohydrates restore energy in the body, proteins work on the damaged and tired muscles. Chocolate milk basically helps the body to recover its natural state; a property really unlikely to be found in supplements and protein shakes.
Athletes or people who engage in a vigorous workout on a daily basis are especially suggested to have chocolate milk. With its rich nutritional value, chocolate milk can prove to be an excellent drink for maintaining fitness and health. It is important to remember that the milk should be fat-free else it might jeopardize the purpose of fitness altogether.