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R&D Engineer(Electrical), Columnist, Poet, Comparative Studies Scholar and a full-time madman.
1 year ago

KAS Quagmire

The results of the coveted and prestigious administrative service exams (JKAS) were declared recently, and, like always, the results have stirred cascade of reactions on social media ranging from hyper-glorification of such

Our understanding of the cosmos

By Amir Suhail Wani – Bacon, as Rupert Sheldrake reminds us in his book The Science Delusion, wanted to secure for science the same place as was erstwhile occupied by religion – Christianity,
3 years ago

Words on theology: Early Asharism

Any doctrine stretched beyond its hermeneutic edge, starts yielding contradictory results that at times form a breeding ground for extremism – ideological and practical. The Mutazillite quest for uncompromising and unqualified monotheism
3 years ago