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Actress Sana Khan ‘purifies’ Instagram, deletes all evidence linking her to showbiz

Source: Instagram/SanaaKhaan21

Sana Khan, who recently announced her exit from the world of showbiz citing religious reasons, has now also revamped her social media account. She has deleted all her glamorous and revealing photos and videos from her Instagram feed, which at one point in time had garnered her massive popularity.

There are currently 102 posts on her account, with the first post going back to 2016. However, any picture tying her to the world of entertainment has been removed. All that remains is of a religious nature, besides a meme or two. Sana has 3.3 million followers on Instagram, and was last seen on screen in the Hotstar web series Special OPS. She is best known for having appeared in Bigg Boss 6 and Salman Khan’s Jai Ho.


With about 3.3 million followers to her credit, Sana hopes to embark on an all new journey that’s dominated by her religious beliefs and not something to do with ‘fame’ and ‘wealth.’

In her elaborate announcement posted last night, Sana called this life-changing decision as the “happiest” moment of her life and added, that she has finally come to the realisation that “this life in the world is actually for the betterment of life-after-death” and that “it would be better if the slave lives according to the command of his Creator.”