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Zareen Khan files FIR against former manager

Bollywood actor Zareen Khan has filed an FIR against her former manager Anjali Atha.

Zareen filed the FIR at Khar police station , the actor’s advocate Rizwan Siddique confirmed to newspaper.

Siddique added that Anjali Atha was trying to tarnish Zareen Khan’s image.

Rizwan Siddique said, “To protect my client Ms. Zareen Khan’s name, image, reputation and dignity from any harm, and also for other willful criminal offences indulged in by my client’s erstwhile Manager Ms. Anjali Atha, my client was constrained to register an F.I.R.

today with Khar Police Station. As the nature of the complaint is privileged and confidential I would therefore not like to disclose any facts pertaining to the same. At this juncture, I would only like to state that my client’s name, image and reputation was being openly tarnished by her own erstwhile Manager whom she trusted unconditionally, and as the matter now needs to be investigated further, therefore an F.I.R. was interalia registered in the said matter under Section 509 of Indian Penal Code.”

He continued, “A woman’s dignity and reputation is of immense value and cannot be put at risk by anyone by indulging in character assassination, and especially by someone who was a representative and whom you once trusted blindly. My client has taken this matter with the seriousness it deserves.”

Zareen Khan made her debut in films with the 2010 film Veer. She was last seen in 1921 alongside Karan Kundra.