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YouTube’s Autoplay on Home Feature Coming to All Android, iOS Users

YouTube’s Autoplay on Home feature was exclusive to premium users since earlier this year, but now it is coming for all mobile users in the coming weeks. This feature essentially autoplays videos on the home page without sound and with captions switched on. Autoplay on Home is now coming to all free app users on Android and iOS in the coming weeks. This feature can be disabled if the users wishes to, or keep it on only when using Wi-Fi.

In a detailed post on its products forums page, Google has confirmed that Autoplay for Home is coming to all Android and iOS YouTube app users in the coming weeks.

While autoplay is a welcome feature for some, in developing countries where data is limited, Google has given the option to switch it off if users so desire. To disable the feature, users need to head to Settings > Autoplay > Autoplay on Home > and choose from Wi-Fi only/ Off/ Always On.

The new Autoplay on Home feature lets users preview videos and watch YouTube on-the-go without audio, and with captions on. Because captions now play a vital role, Google has provided creators with new tools like automatic captions, creator-uploaded captions, and crowd-sourced community captions. While scrolling the home screen, users will now see the thumbnail for a brief period, before autoplay begins on its own.

YouTube’s Autoplay on Home feature will obviously bring in more views for creators, and amp up higher engagement for the video streaming platform. As mentioned, this feature isn’t live yet, and is arriving for Android and iOS users in the coming weeks.