YouTube discontinuing Stories, here’s what it means for you

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YouTube has confirmed that it is discontinuing its Stories feature, a tool similar to Snapchat’s and Instagram’s disappearing messages.

The feature, which allowed creators to post updates that would remain live for seven days, will officially be phased out on June 26, 2023.

The tool was designed for sharing behind-the-scenes updates, vlogs, sneak peeks at upcoming videos, and quick updates.

The decision to remove the feature comes after mixed reactions from users and creators, with some finding it “weird” and lacking certain key functionalities like swipe-up and video linking features.

Further, YouTube says the Stories feature saw limited adoption compared to other engagement tools, like community posts, which drive more comments and likes.

Stories were a means for content creators to promote their channels by posting additional updates, upcoming video updates and also behind the scenes footage.

With the Stores gone, creators will be limited to Community Posts and Shorts for posting such things and engaging with their subscribers. YouTube creators also have the option to create polls, quizzes, images and more.

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