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Why The Dark Knight is still the best superhero movie of all time

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Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight released 10 years ago. Looking back at it, it seems like a far cry from today’s superhero movies, with their alien villains, god-like superheroes, universal-level stakes and so forth. Indeed, even after having one of the most popular superheroes in the world, the Batman, and his iconic archnemesis, the Joker, along with well-known supporting characters found in comics like Harvey Dent/Two-Face and James Gordon, everything about The Dark Knight screams action-crime-drama and not comic books.
The Dark Knight presented an incredibly grounded Batman. Although the DC superhero is just a man in comics too, he has fought villains like Darkseid (he was the Thanos of DC Comics before Thanos existed) and has accomplishments that are plain impossible for a normal man. In The Dark Knight, however, Nolan took the superhero to his roots and focused on the human part. So he is just a man but at the natural pinnacle of human development and perfection.
The motif that being a superhero takes its tolls on individuals is something that’s common now (last time it was done well was in Logan last year), but The Dark Knight first explored how and why being such a symbol of hope could be a double-edged sword. The Joker, who came alive thanks to a transcendental, career-defining performance by the late Heath Ledger, is often considered the polar opposite of the Batman.
But in The Dark Knight, Nolan and his co-writer David S Goyer, reimagined the Caped Crusader and the Joker as Yin and Yang – two opposing, complementary forces of nature who are not so different after all. Batman, too, is a psychopath – he just doesn’t know it. There is even a nice piece of dialogue to that effect that the Joker speaks towards the end. “This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.”
While the film was centred on Batman and his befuddlement in the face of an enemy unlike any other, it is really about the relationship between the Batman and the Joker. Alfred warns Bruce Wayne that the Joker is a man he does not understand fully. “Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn,” he says. Just like Batman, the Joker is not simply a man. He is a symbol of chaos.
For most of the film, the Joker unleashes a wave of violence upon Gotham city. But his biggest achievement comes when he manages to bring out the second, uglier face of Harvey Dent. It is established in the very beginning that Harvey has two personas. Mostly he is a calm, soft-spoken man. But he does have extreme anger issues and when he’s angry there emerges a darker persona. We see that before he gets a literal two-face when he almost kills one of Joker’s accomplices.
The Joker, devilishly smart, realises that and somehow convinces Dent that everybody except him is responsible for his fate and the death of his girlfriend. In the last scene in the movie, when the Joker is defeated and captured, the real plan of the Clown Prince of Crime comes true. Harvey Dent, previously called the White Knight of Gotham and thought to be incorruptible and pure, has killed a bunch of people and has James Gordon’s wife and adolescent son at gunpoint.
The Joker, probably on the way to prison, must have been laughing. He may be locked for the rest of his life, but he brought down the Batman. To uphold Harvey Dent as a symbol of justice and goodness, the Batman takes the blame on himself and disappears into oblivion. At least, until Bane storms the Gotham City with his army of mercenaries.
The Dark Knight is often accused of glorifying the Joker. Sure, he is given easily the best lines in the film, but ultimately, he is proven wrong. The clown is annoyed to find out in the end that his theory that people are only as nice as the world allows them to be does not pass the criteria of truth. The people on the two boats (one of which is filled with convicted criminals) refuse to blow each other up, even to save themselves.
The Dark Knight was a humdinger of a movie. It has a lot of stunningly mounted set-pieces, there are car-chases, explosions, bazookas, fancy vehicles, and almost every action-crime genre staple. But it speaks volumes about an action-crime movie when its best scene is propelled by only sharp dialogue and the brilliant delivery of it.
Batman, still confused as to who the Joker is, simply asks him, “…why do you wanna kill me?” To which the Joker replies with an eerie, high-pitched laugh. “I don’t wanna kill you! What would I do without you? No, no, you complete me.” And later, “Don’t talk like you’re one of them. You’re not. Even if you’d like to be. To them, you’re just a freak…like me! They need you right now, but when they don’t, they’ll cast you out, like a leper! You see, their morals, their code, it’s a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. They’re only as good as the world allows them to be. I’ll show you. When the chips are down, these… these civilized people, they’ll eat each other. See, I’m not a monster. I’m just ahead of the curve.”

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Huawei Watch GT Active With Up to Two-Weeks Battery Life Launched in India

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Huawei announced on Monday that its new Huawei Watch GT Active is now available in India. The smartwatch was launched in March this year, alongside the Huawei P30 series phones. Huawei’s Watch GT Active is available exclusively on Flipkart starting today. The company claims its Watch GT Classic has received a good response in India. The Huawei Watch GT Active is priced at Rs. 15,990 in India and it is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The Huawei Watch GT Active features a 46mm case and includes a 1.39-inch AMOLED HD display with a resolution of 454×454 pixels. The company claims its new smartwatch is lightweight, making it more comfortable to wear for a longer period of time.

Probably the biggest advantage of the Huawei Watch GT Active is the promised ‘up to two weeks’ battery life on a single charge.


Huawei claims its research concluded that charging smartwatches was painful for consumers. The company’s in-house Lite OS, that powers the Watch GT Active, along with the dual-chipset helps deliver a much longer battery life. According to the company, the users can expect a much better battery life with its Huawei Watch GT Active under typical usage conditions. These include wearing the smartwatch all day long, keeping heart rate function activated, 90 minutes of workout, and notifications.

Besides good battery life, the Huawei Watch GT Active features heart rate and sleep monitoring capabilities. A self-learning algorithm can detect and monitor both indoor and outdoor activities. The smartwatch also features a Triathlon mode that can help track swimming, cycling, and running.

Huawei Watch GT Active also comes with TruSleep 2.0 and TruSeen 3.0. The former helps keep track of your health and sleep patterns while the latter offers continuous heart-rate monitoring. The smartwatch can also offer over 200 suggestions to help you sleep better. As we mentioned earlier, the Huawei Watch GT Active runs on the company’s Lite OS.

The smartwatch is available on Flipkart starting today, priced at Rs. 15,990, in two colour variants. It comes with a standard 1-year warranty and 10-day replacement warranty via Flipkart. Thanks to the ongoing Big Shopping Days sale, consumers can grab additional discounts in the form of bundled payment offers from SBI credit cards and no-cost EMI options.

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Xiaomi Mi Super Bass Wireless Around-Ear Headphones Launched in India

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Xiaomi has launched the Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones in India. The headphones are priced at Rs. 1,799, and are the latest entrant in the company’s growing portfolio of affordable audio accessories, which also includes wired and wireless earphones and headphones, a soundbar, wireless speakers, and more. Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones launch coincides with Amazon’s Prime Day sale, and the Xiaomi headphones are just one of the thousand products debuting on the e-retail giant as a part of the Prime Day sale. The headphones are available in two colour options – black-and-red and black-and-gold – and can be purchased via Amazon and Mi India online store.

The Xiaomi Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones feature an around-ear design with padding under the headband and around the ears. Battery life is claimed to be 20 hours per charge, and the headphones use 40mm dynamic drivers and Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity. There is also the ability to invoke the voice assistant on your phone through the headphones directly, and as the name suggests, the audio tuning has been geared around strong bass.

The Xiaomi Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones can be charged through a Micro-USB port at the bottom, and the headphones also support wired connectivity through the 3.5mm socket for when the battery runs out. The headphones go up against other affordable wireless options such as the Boat Rockerz 400 and Ant Audio Treble 900, but have the advantage of an around-ear design that many users will find more comfortable.


The Xiaomi Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones have been launched during the Amazon Prime Day sale and are available on Amazon as a result, but can also be bought on the Xiaomi India online store at the same price. Xiaomi’s range of audio products in India also includes the Mi Soundbar, which is priced at Rs. 4,999 and offers a significant volume boost for your TV at a reasonable price.

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Dancing to Saaki a dream: Nora Fatehi

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Dancer-actress Nora Fatehi is back with another recreation of an old hit dance number, and she is sure setting the temperatures soaring once again.

Nora’s new dance is a new-age version of the song “Saaki”, for the upcoming John Abraham-starrer, ‘Batla House.’ The dance number is a recreation of the hit song of the same name from the 2004 film ‘Musafir.’

The Canadian-origin dancer-actress says bagging this opportunity is no less than a dream.


“Saaki” follows “Dilbar”, her hit dance number in last year’s ‘Satyameva Jayate’, which was recreated from an Sushmita Sen’s original dance in the 1999 film, ‘Sirf Tum’.

The new version of “Saaki” has been recomposed by Bollywood’s king of recreations, Tanishk Bagchi, and sung by Neha Kakkar and Tulsi Kumar.

“Getting the opportunity to be able to perform on a song like ‘saaki’, which has been made on such an epic level by Tanishk, and sung by Neha and Tulsi, is a dream,” said Nora.

“The way Tanishk has composed this song is out of this world and I knew that visually I’d have to match up. I learnt to dance with fire fans for the first time in only three days,” she added, about the challenging dance moves.

“The fire fans were heavy and dancing with fire is very risky. It was difficult to manoeuver and dance with them effortlessly.

Thankfully, I had the drive to do it because I wanted the audience to see me add something new to my dance (repertoire).

“The best part is I am acting in the film ‘Batla House’, so my character’s performance to the song leads up to a very important sequence that carries the story forward,” she shared.

Choreographed and directed by Adil Sheikh, the teaser of the song that released two days ago, has already garnered great traction from netizens.

Tulsi is positive about “Saaki” becoming the dance anthem of the season. “In the past as well, everyone grooved to the track and it’s back in a completely new version.

“This year is about reinventing my voice, challenging myself to show a different side of my vocal quality. With this song, I have pushed my boundaries,” added the “Dekh lena” singer, popular for crooning romantic soft numbers.

With this song, Tulsi steps into the domain of “high on energy, peppy dance tracks”. “I am completely enjoying (the experience),” she said. While the musical team of ‘Batla House’ is gung-ho about the song, Koena Mitra, who featured on screen in the ‘Musafir’ number, wasn’t too impressed.

“My song from ‘Musafir’, ‘Saaki’, has been recreated. The combination of Sunidhi, Sukhwinder, Vishal and Shekhar was outstanding. (I) Didn’t like the new version, it’s a mess!” Koena tweeted.

The original track by composers Vishal-Shekhar was sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and Sukhwinder Singh.Dancing to Saaki a dream: Nora Fatehi.

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