‘Why Study History of Science?’: KU hosts extension lecture

SRINAGAR: To encourage engaging discourse on the crucial role the history of science plays in understanding scientific progress and its societal impact, the Department of History, University of Kashmir (KU), Monday, organised an extension lecture, featuring noted historian of Science, Prof Deepak Kumar.

Prof Kumar delivered an insightful lecture titled, ‘Why Study History of Science?’, addressing a wide range of issues related to the theme. Students and research scholars from the department besides various university functionaries and faculty attended the lecture.

Prof Kumar’s lecture delved into the critical importance of studying the history of Science, highlighting how historical perspectives can enrich our understanding of scientific development and its profound impact on society. “Understanding the history of Science is essential not just for historians, but for scientists and the broader public. It allows us to see the evolution of scientific thought and its societal implications,” Prof Kumar said in his lecture.

Head, Department of History, Prof M Y Ganaie, while presenting an overview of the Department of History, emphasised its academic accomplishments and ongoing research initiatives. He underscored the department’s continuous efforts in promoting historical inquiry and scholarship. “We are committed to exploring diverse historical narratives and encouraging rigorous academic research. Organising such lecture validates our dedication to academic excellence,” Prof Ganaie reiterated.

The lecture concluded with an interactive session, where students and faculty engaged in discussions while encouraging a deeper interest in the history of Science. Faculty, Department of History, Dr Abdul Rashid Lone, delivered the welcome address and also proposed the formal vote of thanks.

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