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Trump says ‘most likely’ to meet Putin in Europe next month

Washington:United States President Donald Trump said on Thursday that he is “most likely” to hold a summit meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Europe next month.
Trump is scheduled to attend the July 11-12 NATO summit in Brussels. Besides, he is likely to visit London for talks with British Prime Minister Theresa May on that trip.
“I’ve said it from day one: Getting along with Russia and with China and with everybody is a very good thing. It’s good for the world, it’s good for us, it’s good for everybody. So, we’ll probably be meeting sometime around my trip to Europe,” Trump told reporters during a joint media appearance with Polish President Rebelo De Sousa.
The likelihood of a Trump-Putin summit comes on the back of US national security advisor John Bolton’s Moscow visit. Trump said he would know about the date and venue of his maiden summit meeting with Putin later in the day.
The two leaders have met twice last year on the sidelines of international summits.
“I think we’ll be talking about Syria,Ukraine, and many other subjects. We’ll see what happens. So you never know,” Trump said in response to a question.
“You never know about meetings, what happens. But I think a lot of good things can come with meetings with people. We had great meetings with President Xi of China. Every place I’ve been, we have had great meetings. So maybe something positive will come out of it,” he said.