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Tripti Dimri detached from herself for ‘Laila Majnu’ role

Actress Tripti Dimri, who plays the female protagonist in her maiden Bollywood film Laila Majnu, says the character of Laila is very different from who she is in real life.
“When I read the script, I realised that the character of Laila is very different from what I read in different versions of the main ‘Laila Majnu’ story before. In the film, Laila is flirtatious, outspoken and an attention-seeking young girl. I am a very introvert person who cannot initiate a chat with a stranger. So I had to detach myself from who I am to play Laila,” Tripti told IANS in an interview.
She bagged the role by auditioning, and felt that not being a trained actor in a way helped her to learn more about acting.
“Since I do not know which camera angle looks best on me, how to take light in a frame and other technicalities of the craft, I was more focussed on my performance. I was more focussed on how to bring Laila alive on-screen,” Tripti said.
Did she meet producer Ekta Kapoor?
“Yes, she met both of us – Avinash Tiwary and I, and said that we are the best casting for ‘Laila Majnu’. She really put her faith in us,” said the actress who has grown up watching all the serials of Ekta Kapoor.
“As a child, I used to tell my mother that one day I will come on TV for one of the Ekta Kapoor shows, like ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’. Obviously, neither my mom, nor my friends believed in me. I think now they can see me on big screen,” Tripti said with a giggle.
Born and brought up in Delhi, Tripti slowly started liking Mumbai and one of the reasons is she feels safe in the city.
“I can walk down the street wearing a short skirt late at night in Mumbai without feeling unsafe. This does not happen in Delhi. People are living with a ‘live and let live’ attitude which I like here in Mumbai. Perhaps that is also because we all are here in the city with an ambition and occupied ourselves too much in our own world.
“In Delhi, I know all my neighbours, talk to them and share a different kind of warmth. If I miss anything about Delhi, it is my friends and the community living style. In Mumbai, living on the same floor, we do not know our neighbours,” said the young actress.
Directed by Sajid Ali and presented by Imtiaz Ali, “Laila Majnu” is releasing on Friday.