Srinagar, Apr 16: While appreciating the statements of army chiefs of India and Pakistan, CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami today said only time will tell how sincere the political leadership in both the countries is to backup the suggestion of their military commanders.
In a statement issued, he said the suggestions of the two chiefs that dialogue was the way forward needs political backup and coming time will tell how serious political leadership in both the countries will initiate the process of credible dialogue.
Till now despite repeated insistence by the civil societies that dialogue was the only way to move forward, there is no realisation and seriousness among the Indo-Pak leadership regarding the initiation of this process. Kashmir issue is a festering wound in south Asia and endangers peace in the whole region.
The leadership of both the countries (India and Pakistan) need to show courage and initiate the process of dialogue to resolve all outstanding issues, including Kashmir. It is high time political leadership of the two countries engage in a meaningful, sustained and time-bound dialogue process.
It is unfortunate that the two countries, which have a number of challenges in common, are seen indulging in accusations and counter accusations against each other. The tragedy of fragile relations between the two countries is that the painstaking progress for peace at different levels can be overturned in an instant by a single incident of violence.
It has become imperative in the interests of the entire south Asian region that the leadership of India and Pakistan must rise to the occasion and ensure cessation of tension across the border. War and violence is not an option but can only result in massive devastation and destruction.

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