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‘The neck; mother’s here’: Paranormal researcher Steve Huff releases third video of conversation with Sushant’s ‘spirit’


Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has been a big shock in the industry. Ever since he committed suicide, there have been many theories and videos circulating on social media. After two videos of paranormal expert Steve Huff’s conversation with the alleged spirit of the dead actor, a third video from the expert is again breaking the internet now.

Huff was requested by the fans of the late actor and that’s how it all started. Now, he has released part three of the conversation and it seems to be making more revelations.


The third part of the video starts with Steve Huff and his partner Debby, whose name Sushant’s alleged spirit had mentioned during their second session, preparing to talk the late Sushant’s alleged spirit. When the late actor’s alleged soul was asked if he want to say anything about his death, Sushant’s alleged spirit claims, “You know there’s a light.”

Steve Huff then mentions how all his fans think Sushant was murdered; in fact, they were sure, to which, the alleged spirit says, “the neck.” The alleged spirit of Sushant was also asked if he was alone, to which his response was unclear.

Fans, however, assumed he said, “4 people”. Steve Huff then asks the spirit to give a message to his fans, he says, “You talk to me when I’m dead. I’m open to you.” He adds, “They are so protected, you know,” followed by a laugh. Check out the video:

In the second part of the video, the paranormal expert asked Sushant’s alleged spirit how he died. The spirit replied, “They brought nails.”