Srinagar, July 28 The menace of stray dogs in the city has continuously become a cause of concern not only for residents, but also for the authorities who have so far failed to put a check on their growing population.
Bilal Ahmad of Bemina, M. I. G colony told KNS that the authorities have no way to control this menace. “This is a major problem for all of us. Stray dogs bite people, chase them when they go to prayers early in the morning, and scare away children,” he said.
One of the senior citizens of the Srinagar said that stray dogs can be seen in large groups around garbage dumps in the residential areas. “These dogs have made the life hell, particularly for women and old age persons,”
The inhabitants said that it seems that the Srinagar Municipal Corporation is unaware of various laws regarding how to check the growth of stray dogs.
Residents of areas like Qamarwari, Batmallo, Noorbagh complaining of increased population of stray dogs.
Though the Municipal Corporation had captured the stray dogs in the area, their numbers just keep rising,” Nazair Ahmad of Bermina said.
He said that even after making several complaints to the authorities nothing much has changed.
“Some of the dogs living in our area are obviously rabid. Not just bites, but several accidents also keep taking place as they keep following the motorists even after dark, said Jaffar ahmad of Batmalloo and added that many children have been bitten in the last one month, making the others too scared to go out and play,” they said.

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