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Sony MP-CD1 mobile projector review: Portability meets projection

Projectors have been shrinking in size and becoming more stable over the past few years. Now, Sony has brought in a new mobile projector, the MP-CD1, upgrading from its earlier model by making operations a bit more simple.
The MP-CD1 is about the size of a 10,000 mAh power bank, but is actually a projector that can fill up the wall in your living room or office. The box has its lens at one end. The power button and ports — HDMI and USB for content and USB-C for charging — are on the side along with a 3.5-mm jack for audio output. There is a toggle on the left side for adjusting the lens. The rest if the sides are use to pack enough vents to keep the device cool.
Sony MP-CD1 mobile projector price in India: Rs 29,990
The MP-CD1 is perfect for those who want to project stuff on the move from their laptop which has a convenient HDMI or MHL port. If you are not in the HDMI universe and are for instance stuck with a new MacBook or an iOS device then you have to spend more on adapters that make this projector usable for you.
There is another way though. If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Google Chrome Cast then this is a great add-on device go give life to your content. Now, these streaming sticks are the best way for you to get content from your phone, or tablet, beamed from the projector. That is another way to say it’s not easy playing stuff from a phone.
Now, let’s look at the bright side of this projector. For something this small, this MP-CD1 is a pretty bright at 105 lumens. That is good enough to be able to watch an ASIAD gold being won on my yellow wall during the day. Anyway, this is also among the fastest projectors I have used, booting up in as little as 5 seconds. And it is super quiet… no whirring sounds here.
The other aspect I like about the MP-CD1 is the auto keystone adjusting, which keeps correcting the image as you keep moving the projector around to get the right angle and location on the wall. However, there is nothing not the projector to adjust the height and incline, which means some time is spent looking for the right books to prop this up on. A soft press on the power button also changes the picture mode, which again is a good feature to have.
Overall, it is hard to complain about the picture quality of the MP-CD1, given its size. Yes, I would have loved it to be Full HD — now it is 854x480p — but with most of the use cases you will not notice. But when you are streaming Netflix from your Apple TV, you will. The DLP IntelliBright technology does make up quite a bit.
I can recommend the MP-CD1 for those who need a projector on a daily basis and ends up in places where there in no access to one. For such users the MP-CD1 has a perfect size, perfect battery life and a price that you won’t mind. No, this can’t be the projector to power your home theater. To justify, this price I would have loved an integrated wireless solution to project content from smartphones and tablets