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Sonam Lotus Transferred to Leh, Dr. Mukhtar Appointed as Head of Srinagar’s MeT

October 29, 2023
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Srinagar: In a move that evokes both nostalgia and sorrow, the administration has confirmed the transfer of Sonam Lotus, the revered weatherman who has graced the picturesque landscape of Kashmir with his meteorological insights for nearly a decade. Reports in various media outlets have detailed the transfer of Lotus back to his hometown of Leh.

For many years, Sonam Lotus held sway over the Valley with a remarkable precision that seemed to have the power to command the weather at will, earning him the moniker of a “weather god” in the hearts of Kashmiris.

Over time, Lotus’s name became intertwined with everyday conversations, often a source of humor, particularly when discussing the unpredictable weather. He evolved into a figure whose daily weather bulletins were diligently followed, and his predictions were held in the highest regard, almost like a stamp of authenticity. If a forecast bore the “Lotus certified” seal, it was almost guaranteed to be accurate.

Lotus assumed his role during a period of advancing technology, while outdated weather reports from official broadcasters, such as Radio Kashmir Srinagar and Doordarshan Kendra, Srinagar, still prevailed. He ushered in a meteorological renaissance, introducing state-of-the-art tools and techniques to provide precise and timely weather information to the people of Kashmir. His popularity soared, thanks to the presence of hyperactive media and social media platforms. Such was his status in Kashmir that even his hospital admissions became news.

The news of his transfer marks the end of an era where the name ‘Sonam Lotus’ was synonymous with trustworthy weather forecasts. It leaves Kashmiris reminiscing about a time when his predictions were as dependable as the rising sun. The transfer of this beloved weatherman will undoubtedly bring both a sense of loss and gratitude for the invaluable service he provided to the region.

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