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Signs Of Cervical Cancer Every Woman Must Know

One of the most common forms of cancer in women, cervical cancer, used to be the most deadly disease in women. But awareness about its early signs and symptoms mitigated the number of cases and fatalities from this form of cancer. However, this does not mean that women can sit back and relax. Remember, awareness of symptoms is the key. We have prepared a list of the 7 most common signs and symptoms of cervical cancer every woman should be wary of.
1. Pelvic pain
Pelvic pain is usually ignored by most women because mostly it is due to menstrual cramps and aches. However, one must not ignore this as it might be indicative of cervical cancer in some cases. When pain takes place during periods you need not worry about it, but when it takes place during other times, you must take it seriously. Check with a doctor; don’t ignore the pain just because you ‘feel’ it is not a big deal.
2. Abnormal vaginal bleeding
A lot of women suffering from cervical cancer complain of abnormal vaginal bleeding. This takes place during sex, menstruation, and menopause or even during a pelvic exam.
3. Uncomfortable sex
For patients suffering from cervical cancer, sex may soon become uncomfortable and painful. But you must not assume this on your own. Allow your doctor to rule out or consider cervical cancer in your case.
4. Pain while urinating
A painful, stinging and tightening sensation while peeing may indicate cervical cancer, in some cases. Women suffering from this condition complain of a number of other symptoms which they experience. But the one thing that they all complain of is painful urination.
5. Unusual vaginal discharge
Women experience vaginal discharge quite often. However, if it changes drastically over time, looks bloody or green and smells foul, you must check with a doctor. This could be one of the earliest signs of cervical cancer.
6. Heavier and longer periods
If you have to change your sanitary pads and tampons every hour, it means you have a heavier than normal flow. And if it continues for a period longer than 5 days, it is a serious warning sign of cervical cancer.
7. Changes in urinating patterns
An urge to pee more frequently is linked to this disease, if it happens for a period longer than one week. If it continues to trouble you for a longer than normal period of time, it is a good reason for you to take this seriously and check with a doctor.