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Educational institutions closed in Jammu and Kashmir for festivals

October 23, 2023
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Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir – In a unique convergence of holidays and celebrations, educational institutions across the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir have announced closures on October 23, 24, and 26. These closures are aligned with significant cultural and historical events and are set to bring both festivities and reflection.

October 23: Mahnavmi Holiday (Monday) On October 23, educational institutions will remain closed as Jammu and Kashmir observes Mahnavmi, a revered Hindu festival that marks the ninth day of Navratri. This day is dedicated to the goddess Durga, symbolizing the triumph of good over evil. It is a time for prayers, cultural festivities, and feasting. Schools, colleges, and universities will honor this holiday, allowing students and staff to participate in the celebrations and pay their respects.

October 24: Dussehra (Tuesday) October 24, celebrated as Dussehra, is a momentous day that symbolizes the victory of Lord Rama over the demon king Ravana, signifying the victory of virtue over vice. As this day falls on a Tuesday this year, educational institutions will remain closed, granting students and educators the opportunity to observe the festivities, which include the effigy-burning of Ravana, cultural programs, and parades. This closure will allow for the unimpeded participation of the educational community in the cultural and religious significance of Dussehra.

October 26: Accession Day Holiday (Thursday) October 26 holds a special place in the history of Jammu and Kashmir as it commemorates Accession Day, which marks the formal accession of the region to India in 1947. Educational institutions across the Union Territory will remain closed on this day to remember and reflect upon the historical significance of this event. Accession Day is a time to acknowledge the diverse cultural heritage of Jammu and Kashmir and to pay tribute to the region’s historical journey.

The decision to close educational institutions on these dates is aimed at allowing students, teachers, and staff to fully engage in the cultural, religious, and historical observances that define the rich tapestry of Jammu and Kashmir. It offers an opportunity for the educational community to immerse themselves in the festivities and reflections associated with these holidays.

Parents and students are advised to refer to the official announcements and schedules provided by their respective educational institutions for further information regarding these closures and any additional guidelines for making the most of these unique holidays.

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