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Howzatt:  After WI female cricketers used Kashmir bats, India women’s team captain visits GR8 Sports

May 16, 2024

Anantnag: For a change, Kashmir willow bat got another admirer.

India Women’s Team Captain HarmanpreetKaur today visited the factory GR8 Sports India Pvt. Ltd. 

Welcoming the guest, Fawzul Kabiir, Managing Director of GR8 Sports said Kashmir Willow Bat Manufacturing industry’s commitment to excellence, and said that the industry despite facing huge challenges over the years has started to bounce back and produce best quality results.

The visit comes in the wake of GR8 Sports’ recent success with the Caribbean Women’s Cricket team, whose players used GR8 Sports crafted bats and made a notable impact during their tour of Pakistan.

Kabiir emphasized: “GR8 Sport’s recent spree of success is a testament to the hard work, expertise, and craftsmanship that we combine with the use of the latest technology. We take pride in delivering quality bats that meet the rigorous standards of professional cricket.”

Highlighting the company’s achievements, Kabiir mentioned GR8 Sport’s contribution to previous T20 Cricket World Cups, where their manufactured bat resulted in the longest hit six of the tournament, showcasing the effectiveness and performance of their products.

Expressing her delight, HarmanpreetKaur said, “I am impressed by the standards and product line indigenously produced by local manufacturers like GR8 Sports. This visit reinforces my belief in the capabilities of Indian craftsmanship.”

During the meeting, Kabir provided an overview of GR8 Sports’ state-of-the-art bat manufacturing process, emphasizing the best practices followed by the company. He also shed light on the challenges faced by the Kashmir Willow bat industry, showcasing GR8 Sports’ resilience and innovation in overcoming these obstacles.

  Kabiir further emphasized on the quality and performance of Kashmir Willow bats, debunking misconceptions that they are less desirable than English willow bats. GR8 Sports’ continued success underscores the potential and excellence of Indian cricket equipment manufacturers on the global stage.

It is worth mentioning that last month Kashmir willow bat made a debut in women’s international cricket.

A bat manufactured by GR8 Sports’ India Pvt. Ltd was used by West Indies woman player Aaliyah Aleyne against Pakistan today. She scored 17 runs off 18 balls. Shamillia Connell Zaida James, Qiana Joseph, and others have signed an agreement with GR8 to use Kashmiri bats

This milestone follows the impressive performance in the ICC T20 Cricket World Cups 2021, and 2022 editions, and the ODI World Cup 2023. During the ICC T20 World Cup 2022, a bat crafted by GR8 Sports led to the longest hit six of the tournament, showcasing the exceptional quality and performance of their products.

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