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Repressive measures by BJP won’t prove effective: Farooq

Srinagar, Mar 8: National Conference President Farooq Abdullah on Friday said that the ruling BJP is trying to polarize the electorate in India in view of forthcoming Lok Sabha elections due to which the Muslims and other minorities were feeling threatened.
Farooq was speaking on the sidelines of a function here to formally welcome former IGP Shafkat Ali Watali into National Conference.
Farooq asked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to come clear on whether the country belonged to any particular sect.
“Today Muslims and other minorities feel threatened, which actually is very unfortunate for the country. I think Prime Minister should make it clear whether this country belongs to a particular sect or religion,” he said
“We all have to live in peace and harmony with each other, otherwise this nation is doomed,” Farooq added.
Regarding the current situation in the valley in wake of hostilities between India and Pakistan, the NC president said Kashmir has been made a battleground by both the countries.
“I think we are facing tragedies now, which is also unfortunate. We have a situation where war is looming over our heads. We only want peace and understanding between people,” he said.
“On one hand General Rawat is directing army to remain alert for war, Imran Khan too is saying that anything can happen. Farooq Abdullah is not creating this situation, it is done by heads of both these countries,” he added.
On arresting of separatist and Jamaat-i-Islami leaders, the former Chief Minister said such “repressive measures” won’t solve issues “but will have repercussions which will disturb peace in the valley.”
“NC had cleared its stand that jailing of people is not going to solve issues. We need to hold talks with them. Do you think arresting Yasin Malik will calm down the situation? Are people from Maisuma going to stay calm?” he asked.
Farooq claimed that earlier as well, the arresting of Jamaat leaders had proved unproductive for the government.
“During Jagmohan’s regime Jamaat leaders were arrested and their schools and offices were closed down. Ultimately president had to consider them and hold talks with them,” he said.
Asked whether the Jamaat leaders have been arrested in wake of hearing on contentious Article 35-A, he said the Centre will also have to arrest NC and Congress leaders who support the protection of special status of J&K.
Regarding the tense situation in Jammu after Thursday’s grenade blast, Farooq said his party will fight against extremist right wing Hindu outfits politically to save Muslims in the region.
“Similar situations were created earlier also when highway remained closed for a long time. Right wing groups attacked Muslims in Jammu. We have to fight them politically and if we come to power we will prefer talks with them. They will be brought on right path,” he said.
On Supreme Court’s decision to solve Ayodhya case through mediation, Farooq said he will support the Supreme Court’s verdict.
“It is fine that both the parties agreed for mediation through Supreme Court. We too accept it and the decision will be final,” he said.