Raina slams Farooq for advocating dialogue with Pakistan

JAMMU: Jammu and Kashmir BJP president Ravinder Raina on Wednesday criticized National Conference president Farooq Abdullah for advocating dialogue with Pakistan and asked “what type of talks will be held with an enemy nation which has destroyed Jammu and Kashmir through its sponsored terrorism”.

He said the BJP would respond to Pakistan only in the same language which it understands. “Abdullah should stop advocating for Pakistan which had bled Jammu and Kashmir and brought destruction to the region by training, arming and pushing terrorists into this side to kill innocent citizens. Instead of condemning Pakistan, showing it the mirror and exposing its black face to the world, he is advocating dialogue which is highly regrettable,” Raina said.

The BJP leader said that Abdullah should tell the people whether Pakistan is behind the bloodshed which is happening in Jammu and Kashmir or not. “Pakistan Army is conducting training for the terrorists and providing them weapons before pushing them into Jammu and Kashmir,” Raina said, adding having sympathy for Pakistan is not good and instead Abdullah should boost the morale of the Indian Army, police and paramilitary forces and salute their sacrifices for safeguarding the region by fighting terrorism. “You (Abdullah) are a former chief minister, a former Union minister and you know Pakistan is behind the bloodshed in J&K. What type of talks can be held with an enemy (nation) which is involved in bloodshed. We will respond to Pakistan in the same language it understands,” the BJP leader said.

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