Omar should quit politics, message for Muftis also: Chugh

SRINAGAR: After NCP vice president Omar Abdullah announced not to contest Assembly elections, BJP national general secretary Tarun Chugh said it’s time Abdullah family quits politics. 

Chugh, who is party incharge for J&K and Ladakh, said Omar Abdullah has already conceded his defeat by withdrawing from the Assembly elections which are 

round the corner. 

Chugh described Abdullah’s move as a clear sign of defeat. “Omar Abdullah’s decision to step away from the assembly polls is nothing but an admission of his inability to face the electorate,” Chugh declared. “It reveals his awareness of the diminishing support for his party among the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Chugh highlighted the inconsistency in Abdullah’s political stance, particularly regarding statehood. “It’s perplexing to see Abdullah refusing to contest the assembly elections due to the lack of statehood when he didn’t hesitate to contest the Lok Sabha elections under the same conditions,” he said. “This is a transparent tactic to avoid further political embarrassment.”

Highlighting the achievements of the Narendra Modi government, Chugh pointed to the significant progress in eradicating dynastic politics in the region. “PM Modi has delivered on his promise to free J&K from dynastic politics, and Omar Abdullah’s exit from the fray confirms it. The people of Jammu and Kashmir have rejected the rule of a few families who have long dominated the political landscape,” Chugh remarked. “The overwhelming defeats of the Abdullah and Mufti families in recent elections are clear indicators of the people’s desire for change.”

“With over 12.5 lakh tourists visiting Kashmir this year, we are witnessing unprecedented growth,” he noted. “This boom in tourism, along with numerous completed developmental projects and the establishment of new 5-star hotels in every district, showcases our commitment to economic progress.” He stated.

Contrasting the BJP’s developmental focus with the NC’s political strategies, Chugh asserted, “While we are dedicated to bringing tangible improvements to the lives of the people, the National Conference remains fixated on outdated issues like Article 370. The electorate has moved beyond such rhetoric and is now focused on a future of stability and prosperity.”

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