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Most transparent system adopted for allotment of PG seats: BOPEE




SRINAGAR, MAY 10:  The Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (BOPEE) today made it clear that a transparent system of counselling has been adopted for allocation MD/MS/ PG Diploma seats to the candidates on the basis of the NEET score.
In a statement issued here today a spokesman of BOPEE said the Board has transformed the whole process of counselling which is visible from the fact that the first online list was notified just few hours after the judgement of the Division Bench on 01-05-2018. “Ordinarily, it would have taken two weeks together to prepare the list which is a cumbersome and tedious exercise,” it said adding that the candidates have been facilitated by way of sending them SMS/e-mails on different occasions reflecting the transparency prevalent in the Board
It said the Board shifted to offline counseling during second round due to internet issues which cropped up due to the prevailing circumstances for which provision is available in the NEET Brochure.
It said the process for physical round of counselling was elucidated in detail and the candidate has to be physically present at the time of availability of the seat.“During the upgradation round also on 07-05-2018 the seats were allotted purely on the basis of merit cum preferences and availability of the seats at the relevant point of time,” it said adding that even the candidates were given an option to upgrade in case a seat of their choice became available at a later point during the day of counselling considering the superior merit of the candidate, which ordinarily is not permitted.
According to the statement, the counselling of PGD Pathology ended at 8.32 pm when the seat was allotted to an available candidate at Jammu and no other candidate was available in Srinagar. The counselling forms reflect the time of allotment of the seats also to the candidates. Any candidate who had left the Board office and did not chose to participate in the process and wait for the seats which were duly reflected on the monitor available in the BOPEE Office cannot claim under any circumstances that his/her merit has been ignored. Such a candidate must have chosen to leave the Board office on his/her own choice. Board cannot go by whims and wishes of such candidates.
According to the statement, on 09-05-2018 some miscreants barged into the BOPEE office and damaged the cable wire to ensure that seats are not displayed. “But during the counselling the candidates were offered all the seats available. It is a concocted story that any seat has been hidden by the Board to favor any particular candidate, which is reflected from the seat matrix available,” it said adding that the seats which become available during the course of counselling on minute to minute basis are being reflected in the updated seat matrix on the monitor.
“The Board has serious reservation to the view that kith and kin of Board officials/officers are provided seats, which is ill conceived, mischievous and far from the truth and is only aimed at maligning the institution and erode its credibility,” it said adding that no candidate who is eligible to compete in the process can be stopped notwithstanding his/her relationship.
According to the statement some reserved category candidates had alleged that the category seats cannot be converted into open merit, which is far from the reality and the rules governing the allotment of seats. “Since the reservations to the medical colleges/institutions is governed by the State laws, which amply provide for filling up of unfilled category seats from the openmeritcategory,” it said adding that the Board has given sufficient time to eligible category candidates to avail the facility. Conversion of seats can take place even during first round of counselling if seats remain unfilled.
It said during the physical rounds also when a Committee of Officers comprising representatives from medical institutions and officers of the Board are available at Jammu and Srinagar for the counselling which takes place simultaneously through video conferencing. The allegations leveled that the physical counselling should have been done at one place only would only cause hardships and inconvenience to the candidates and their parents forcing them to move frequently from one region to other. During the physical round the merit position is maintained and the seats are displayed on minute to minute basis on the monitors available in the Board office.
Further any recruitment in service and admission to professional colleges are entirely two different things and are governed by different provisions of reservation act/rules, it said.



Kuka Parray part of script drafted by late Mufti Syed: NC



Srinagar, Jan 17: Jammu and Kashmir National Conference on Thursday rejected the canards of Naeem Akhtar as “uncouth and reflective of his political bankruptcy” and said that Kuka Parray worked as per the script drafted by late Mufti Syed as home minister of India.

In a statement issued to media, North Zone President and former Minister Mohammad Akbar lone said that accusations against NC are coming from a person to which PDP owes its disintegration.

Mohammad Akbar Lone while rejecting the jibes of a self styled leader as travesty of facts said, “Nayeem Akhtar belongs to a gang which has been drawing its sustenance from RSS and other forces as are hostile to the special position of the state,” he said, adding that as an assistant of Mufti Muhammad Syed during his tenure as central minister, Akhtar remained equally involved in destabilizing the state.


“He continued to work for Mufti Syed by resorting to writing ghost articles under a pen name ‘Satar Wagay’. As a sequacious writer he continued to target only National conference on a daily basis in spite of being a working bureaucrat then. Politicians like Nayeem Akhtar typify opportunism and political bankruptcy as it was him and his party which joined hands with RSS just to satiate their lust for power,” he said adding that it was difficult to understand as to which side of political divide he belongs to.

North Zone President said, “Nayeem Akhtar’s recent assertions on Kuka Parray are unsubstantiated due to the fact that NC workers were the one who suffered most during the hay days of the renegade era in Kashmir.”

“People are not that gullible, they know that it was late Mufti Syed who presided over 18 massacres as home minister, was the brain behind Ikhwan and was instrumental in extending the dreaded AFSPA to the state. Renegades like Kuka Parray owe their being to the policies of Mufti Syed that he pursued during his stint as home minister of India,” he said.

The north zone president said that Nayeem Akhtar has been a point man of BJP-RSS right from early seventies and owing to his services he was given ministerial berths in two consecutive Muftis led governments.

“Otherwise how can a political low weight with no political base get higher ministerial berths?” he said adding “National conference had to suffer immensely at the hands of Kukka Parray, and that the local party functionaries of Sumbal Sonawari belt had to migrate to escape from the wrath of the renegades,” he said.

“National conference has a base in people in Sumbal–Sonawari, and I have been representing the seat for many consecutive terms. We as a party don’t support violence rather we have always been the victims,” he added.

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Bail plea of separatist detainees shouldn’t be opposed: Mir



Srinagar, Jan 17: Democratic Party Nationalist (DPN) president and former minister, Ghulam Hassan Mir on Thursday said that the government has failed to produce challan in the court against the separatist leaders who have been arrested almost a year ago over the charges of alleged terror funding.

Mir in a statement to media said that even after one year has elapsed since the separatist leaders were arrested, the government has failed to produce challan against the leaders and at the same time are creating obstacles to them in getting bail.

“The bail plea of the detainees is being opposed by the government. This is not fair and against the natural justice as one hand they are not producing challan and on the other they are creating obstacle to them in getting the bail. Giving bail to any person doesn’t mean a clean chit to any accused,” he added.


He added wife of one among the detainees, Shahid-ul-Islam is on death bed and govt should not become obstacle to him in getting the bail.

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DAK welcomes Govt order of uniform rate for diagnostic tests



Srinagar, Jan 17: Doctors Association Kashmir on Thursday welcomed the order issued by state administration where in fresh directions are given to hospital authorities to ensure that patients get diagnostic services in public hospitals on uniform rates across the state. The authorities were directed to implement the directions in letter and spirit to ensure all patients get diagnostic services in public hospitals on nominal prescribed charges.

In a statement issued to the media, Dr Suahil Naik, president Doctor’s Association Kashmir said that we were pushing for uniform rate of diagnostic tests across the state and we want people to question the hospital authorities if they try to overcharge them.

“People should approach grievance cell of the health and medical education department to file their complaints if hospital authorities are accused of not providing diagnostics services to the patients at prescribed rates,” said Suhail.


“Why should people pay hefty amount for diagnostic tests in government hospitals? Our government hospitals are not meant for fund generations,” questioned Dr Naik.

While lambasting health administrators, Dr Naik alleged that “Actual problem lies with system where in juniors, inefficient, incompetent persons are parachuted and promoted as hospital administrators.

“People who are illegally promoted don’t have an iota of idea to project the annual finances required for providing diagnostic facilities at nominal charges to finance department or state government. With the result state government fails in keeping budgetary allocations for same and a financial gap is generated at gross root level. Therefore health administrators then charge extra and exorbitant rates from poor patients to run the system uniformly,” he said.

Dr Owais H Dar General Secretary DAK said that reformative changes at gross root level are required to get vibrant and patient friendly system. The need of minute is that health department is in dire need of intellectually effective health administration, who shall serve purpose in framing state health budget. Dr Dar further added that adequate funds must be provided to the hospitals to meet out day to day demands as per requirements.

Dr Mir Mushtaq senior executive member of DAK said that until there is deadwood running hospital affairs, the health care system is bound to deteriorate and degenerate with passage of time.

It is moral and ethical responsibility of states financial department to keep a full-fledged budget for diagnostic facilities.

Hospital development fund should be paid to dedicated contractual employees of hospital and on day to day repair and maintenance of hospitals he further added.

DAK thanked social activists, media fraternity and civil societies for raising parallel voice with DAK, whenever it is desired in the interest of patient care.

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