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Malik visits Chattergul, arrested at Kangan, says, ‘Our budding flowers being trampled’

Malik 1

Srinagar, Apr 17: Chairman of JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik was on Tuesday detained by police near Kangan, a spokesman said.
According to the statement issued, the spokesman said that Malik reached Chattergul Kangan without any prior announcement and after evading police barricades and check posts.
He participated in a condolence meeting held for slain Amir Hameed Lone.
“After addressing the gathering, Malik was heading towards the residence of another slain youth Gowhar but police blocked his way and arrested him along with JKLF zonal organizer Bashir Ahmad Kashmiri. Both have been lodged at police station Ganderbal,” the spokesman said.
Earlier, evading police barricades, Malik managed to reach Chattergul Kangan toady along with JKLF zonal organizer BashIr Ahmad Kashmiri, district president Bashir Ahmad Boya, deputy district president Ghulam Jeelani, Mushtaq Ahmad Koreg and others.
As Malik arrived at the village, men, women, youth and children of the area came out of their houses to greet him with enthusiasm.
Malik visited the bereaved family, met with the mother of martyr and expressed solidarity with them.
Many heartbreaking emotional scenes were witnessed on the occasion and everyone around was seen in tears.
On hearing the news of the arrival of Malik, people including women in large numbers gathered at the residence of the martyr.
The gathering was addressed by JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik.
While paying tributes to Amir Hameed Lone and Gowhar Ahmad Rather, Malik said that “our budding flowers are being trampled by Indian forces with impunity and no one seems to bother or feel any repulsion.”
He said that though Indian occupational forces are directly involved in this genocide but the responsibility of this totally rests on the shoulders of those pro-India politicians and rulers who during every election ask for votes from people and after coming into power order killings and massacres of our loved ones.
He said that these hypocrites belonging to every pro-India party recently came out in support of rapists and murderers of innocent Asifa in Jammu but as they saw situation changing around, these turn coats started candle marches and protests in favor of Asifa.
Malik said that be it unrelenting killing spree in Kashmir or case of Kathua innocent Asifa, these episodes have actually exposed the whole pro-India political class in Jammu Kashmir.
He said that India and its local supporters in the form of pro-India Kashmiri politicians have been and are constantly trying to divide the nation of Kashmir into small fragments and groups. “To divide us and get votes that actually serve the interests of India, they try to split us in the name of Maslak (creed), religion, language and region and a great example of this engineered divide is the region of Kangan where people are being divided in the name of Gujjars and Kashmiris to serve the interests of the oppressor and colonial forces,” he said.
Malik said that these elections only strengthen the illegal military occupation, serve the interests of India and are actually detrimental to the interest of Kashmiris in every manner and aspect. “The assemblies and parliaments that come into existence by these elections and voting are actually responsible for providing a legal cover to killers of our sons like Amir and Gowhar and therefore we all should refrain from supporting and abetting these pro-India parties and politicians to save our dear and loved ones,” said Malik.
Condemning the brutal killing of Amir Ahmad Lone and Gowhar Ahmad Rather who fell to the bullets and pellets of India, Malik said that these cold blooded murders have yet again proved the fact that Indian bullets and pellets are only fired to kill and maim innocent Kashmiris and snatch their lives.
“In whole Kashmir our loved and budding flowers are sacrificing their lives for freedom of this subjugated nation. These young boys and martyrs are our heroes and nation of Kashmir is indebted to them,” he said.
While paying tributes to Amir, Gowhar and all other martyrs, Malik reiterated his pledge to take the mission of these martyrs to its desired goal.
Malik said that rulers and their authorities claim democracy and freedom of speech, but the reality of their claims if that today to reach Kangan and express sympathies with bereaved families of martyrs, he had to secretly travel and reach a bereave family.
He said that by choking political space and incarcerated political leaders and activists, police and forces are actually pushing this nation to the wall and promoting violence which is highly condemnable.