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Lenovo ThinkShield, a Security Solutions Suite for Businesses, Launched in India

Lenovo announced the India launch of ThinkShield, a suite of security solutions designed to offer business an end-to-end approach to securing devices, data, online presence, and identity throughout their lifecycle. Lenovo’s ThinkShield services – which consists of a mix of products and services, both new and old – targeted at enterprises and small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the country.

As part of ThinkShield, the company will also highlight the security and privacy-focused features of its hardware products. For example, Privacy Guard in certain Lenovo laptops reduces viewing angle at the press of keystroke, which keeps your data safe from prying eyes. Lenovo says that as opposed to competing solutions, Privacy Guard does this by darkening the screen, so it’s better for the battery life.

Some other Lenovo laptops come with Presence and Gaze detection – facilitated by a built-in IR camera – that can detect presence of an individual right behind you, and take appropriate action to enhance your privacy. Some Lenovo enterprise laptops also come ThinkShutter camera cover that enables users decide when to be seen.

Lenovo is also touting its machines’ FIDO-certified authenticators for safer, password-free logins and BIOS-based USB protection on ThinkCentre desktops that guards USB ports from unauthorised use.

Lenovo says it will work with business to understand their needs and offer custom ThinkShield solutions based on their requirements. Lenovo’s ThinkShield also includes security and device management solutions powered by third-party partners like Absolute (Endpoint visibility and control), Cornonet (WiFi security), Bufferzone (Sandboxing), and MobileIron (Mobile devices management), among others.

“With more than 75 percent organisations experiencing phishing attacks in today’s hyper-connected world, we are dedicated to securing employee device lifecycle, data, identity and their online presence. We are improving ThinkShield via our in-house R&D innovation and deeper partnerships to foster innovations that are changing businesses today,” said Rohit Midha, Director, Commercial Named Accounts, Lenovo India.

From physical endpoint protection to a trusted suppler programme and supply chain management, ThinkShield covers aspects that go beyond hardware features. This also includes data protection throughout the lifecycle of the device, including a ‘Keep Your Drive’ service that ensures your sensitive information never leaves your hands.