Keep vigil on OGWs, boost LoC intel: IGP tells officers


Srinagar: Inspector General of Police (IGP) for the Kashmir Zone, VK Birdi, chaired a comprehensive security review meeting today, gathering officers from the police, intelligence agencies, and security forces. The primary agenda was to strategize and reinforce law enforcement efforts across the region.

According to a statement released, the IGP was briefed by attending officers regarding the security arrangements in place to swiftly respond to any potential disturbances throughout the valley.

The meeting also delved into the actions taken against terrorist associates and other disruptive elements, with directives issued to generate actionable intelligence to counter any attempts to disrupt the peace.

Emphasizing the paramount importance of a robust security apparatus, Birdi stressed the need for preemptive measures to thwart terrorist threats and emphasized seamless coordination among the various forces.

He instructed officers to closely monitor the activities of terrorist associates and ensure stringent legal actions against them. Additionally, Birdi underscored the necessity of strengthening intelligence networks, particularly in districts near the Line of Control (LoC), where the risk of terrorist infiltration remains high.

The discussion also encompassed proactive policing strategies to tackle emerging challenges effectively. This included leveraging innovative policing techniques, technology-driven crime prevention measures, and enhancing community engagement initiatives.

Further, the meeting highlighted the imperative of intensifying efforts to combat the drug menace, targeting drug peddlers who adversely impact the lives of valley residents. Integration of technology in policing operations was a focal point, with an emphasis on utilizing advanced surveillance systems, data analytics, and digital platforms to enhance investigative capabilities.

The attendees included senior officers from various security forces and intelligence agencies, with virtual participation from district-level officials across the valley. The meeting concluded with a commitment to implement the discussed strategies rigorously and maintain close coordination among all stakeholders to tackle both present and future law enforcement challenges.

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