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J&K govt asks hospitals to implement QR code system at payment counters

March 23, 2024

Srinagar, Mar 22): Secretary of Health and Medical Education Jammu and Kashmir Dr. Syed Abid Rasheed Shah, has ordered implementation of QR code systems at payment counters in hospitals across Jammu and Kashmir.

 The initiative, spearheaded by the Secretary, aims to streamline the payment process for patients and their families while also combating corruption and ensuring accountability in the healthcare sector.

News agency KNS reported that all healthcare institutions under the jurisdiction of the Health and Medical Education Department have been directed to ensure the availability of QR code payment facilities.

The directive, issued by the Health and Medical Education Department, mandates that all Heads of Departments (HODs)/Institutions ensure the following directions within 10 days.

The directions include the establishment of a QR Code facility at all health institutions and compatibility with popular mobile payment platforms. Training of staff members to assist users in the payment process and establishing a feedback mechanism for further improvement in the payment process.

 Dr. Javed Iqbal, Deputy Secretary of the Health and Medical Education Department, has been appointed as the Nodal Officer responsible for overseeing the implementation of these directives.

This initiative aims to modernize payment facilities within healthcare institutions, providing patients and attendants with a seamless and hassle-free payment experience.

 By integrating QR code technology, the Health Department seeks to improve efficiency and transparency in healthcare transactions, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of healthcare services in the region.

Speaking about the decision, Secretary Abid emphasized the need for modernization and innovation in healthcare administration.

 He stated, “By introducing QR code technology at payment counters, we are taking a significant step towards digitization and transparency in our healthcare system. This initiative will not only simplify the payment process for patients but also enable real-time tracking of transactions, reducing the scope for malpractices.”

 The QR code system will allow patients to make payments securely and conveniently using their smartphones. Upon reaching the payment counter, patients will simply scan the QR code displayed using a mobile payment app linked to their bank account.

 This eliminates the need for cash transactions, reducing the risk of theft and ensuring greater financial security for both patients and hospital staff.

 Moreover, the implementation of QR codes will enable the authorities to monitor and analyze payment data in real time, facilitating better financial management and resource allocation within the healthcare system. One of the top officials of the health department emphasized that this initiative aligns with the government’s broader vision of leveraging technology to improve service delivery and governance across sectors.

 He added, “Incorporating QR code systems at hospital payment counters is just the beginning. We are committed to exploring further innovative solutions to enhance the quality and accessibility of healthcare services for the people of Jammu & Kashmir.”

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