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Israeli Covid experts leave India after collecting samples

New Delhi: The research team of top Israeli defence scientists and health experts on Friday returned home after collecting thousands of samples from Covid-19 patients in India.

The research team from the Directorate for Defense Research and Development, Ministry of Defense, accompanied by scientists from the Ministry of Health, arrived in India on July 27 to develop a rapid testing kit for Covid-19.


The joint research group has managed to collect over 20,000 samples from patients within nine days.

The samples collected in India will be able to test and validate four Israeli diagnostic technologies.

“This cooperation against the coronavirus as well as collaboration in other areas can bring good news to India and Israel, as well as to the whole world,” Israel’s Ambassador to India, Ron Malka, said.

“The relations between India and Israel continue to strengthen even under this global pandemic,” he added.

According to the Israeli Embassy, the data collected in India will be corroborated with samples collected in Israel to find an effective diagnostic solution and help both countries in tackling the ongoing pandemic.

Over the next few weeks, the researchers will know if they have been successful in their quest for reliable rapid tests for the virus that will allow societies and economies to function until a vaccine is found.

Also, the Israeli envoy took to Twitter and wrote: “The most advanced Israeli med eqp’t found effective 4 fighting COVID-19 is ready to be delivered 2 AIIMS hospital. As always Israel is keen to share its most innovative technologies with its good friend India. The friendship between Israel and India is getting stronger under COVID-19 pandemic..”