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India ranks 111 in mobile net speed

New Delhi: Indians are getting a raw deal on mobile broadband speed from telecom operators despite the hype over digital India. India ranked at the bottom 111 spot globally, on mobile internet speed, according to speed test company Ookla.

Indians get a download mobile internet speed of 9.93 mbps against global average of 24.40 mbps. The mobile upload speed in the country is 3.82 mbps against global average of 9.70 mbps.

India ranked low despite showing a 15.2 per cent increase in average mobile download speeds overall.

“On the mobile side, India ranked at the bottom of the list but still showed a 15.2 per cent increase in average download speeds overall. This improvement comes at a quicker pace than mobile speeds in countries such as Indonesia, which had faster average speeds during 2018,” it said.

On fixed broadband, India saw the greatest improvement in fixed broadband speed among the world’s most populous countries. With an average fixed download speed of 23 mbps, the country improved by an impressive 50.4 per cent but is still ranked at 65th position.

These statistics show that there is a long way to go before India could be considered among the best in the world on internet speed.

Ookla said that of the five largest countries in the world, China claimed the fastest average mobile speeds, while the fastest fixed download speeds were found in United States and secondly in China.

“India trailed in a tie for third fastest fixed speeds with Brazil. Additionally, Ookla’s analysis looked at gigabit expansion across the globe and found the number of gigabit tests in New Delhi increased from 119 results in 2017 to 20,239 in 2018, an enormous 16,908 per cent increase,” it said.

Ookla said it analysis also revealed that
the world’s internet speed has increased over 15 per cent in 2018.
With a mean global speed of 22.82 mbps, the mobile downloads incre-ased 15.20 per cent over the last 12 months and the number of mobile uploads increased 11.60 per cent.