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I don’t need career elsewhere, I’m successful says Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut says she doesn’t not see politics as a career option. She made this statement during an interaction with yogi Sadhguru. She talked about many other things including lynching.
“Politics shouldn’t be a career. I feel if someone like me wants to join politics, then first of all they have to achieve detachment,” she replied to a reporter on being asked whether she sees herself joining politics.
She added saying, “Right now, I am so successful that I don’t want to make career anywhere else. But if I want to serve my land then I can’t do it if I have some vested interest in some other department. That becomes conflicting then. So, if people want to pursue politics they should, but they need to achieve some kind of renunciation.”
Attending a screening of a film on the childhood of PM Modi, she spoke very highly of him. She also called him the rightful leader of the country. She talked about how actors in Bollywood don’t talk about politics in public.
She said, “Artistes always say that we should not talk about it, we get into trouble but if someone who is so successful and has 25 cameras and media persons covering him or her, doesn’t talk then who else will? Then why are you successful? What does success mean to you? Just earning money, eating and having fun? You haven’t been kept at a pedestal so that you can live your small life easily, the people have kept you there so that you also think about them.”