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I am the one mentioned by Nostradamus, I will bring peace to Kashmir, says Pulwama DDC candidate

Srinagar:  Call it a comedy of errors, a District Development Council (DDC) poll candidate from Niloora village is leaving people in splits for claiming to be the “great leader of Asia” as predicted by 16th century French astrologer Nostradamus.

Javed Niloora, who belongs to a well-known political family and has done B-Tech from Jammu University, also claimed that he has had several visions of the prophecy coming true.


 “Nostradamus has predicted that one great leader will appear in Asia. He has mentioned this in a poetic way. The leader will arise at a place having ‘aquatic triplicity’ i.e., three signs of water. Some Hindu scholars have interpreted that the leader will be a Hindu even though Nostradamus has not exactly mentioned India. Others misinterpret that he will be born in Punjab but he (Nostradamus) has mentioned that his expansion will be through Punjab. When I decoded it, I extracted a roadmap for Kashmir solution and to establish peace in the region,” Niloora told The Kashmir Monitor.

When asked about his Punjab connection and if he had received any specific signs about the prophecy, Niloora said he had had a vision following a visit to the Golden Temple in Amritsar that made him believe that he was chosen for the job.

“I want to make everything public in the near future. I would not have believed that I am the one….but an incident happened after my visit to the Golden Temple, Amritsar. I dreamt that I had a ‘bullava’ (to the temple and Punjab) and that I was brought here for a specific task. I also got an intuition where I got a ray of hope from Punjab. When lockdown happened, I started decoding the predictions,” he said.

Initially, he said, he was wary of how he will accomplish the great task of achieving peace. “Later I got another sign about the unification of all religions and political ideologies. I am aware that many people will laugh at my words but I believe that I will bring peace to Kashmir and Southeast Asia,” he added.

Nellore said he will be contesting on the J&K Peoples Movement (JKPM) ticket and did not join his father’s National Conference (NC) due to certain reasons.

“My father Ghulam Qadir Niloora was an MLA and a close associate of (late NC founder) Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah. My father was assassinated….my brother Nazir Ahmad too was assassinated. I belong to a political family but I joined JKPM as people in Pulwama used to say bad things about NC that I did not like. When I joined JKPM, even then I saw a dream that I was moving towards Pakistan through Baramulla road in a peaceful situation. Several other incidents also took place that made me believe I will bring peace,” he said.