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Homedics Sound Spa review: For some sound sleep


I do travel a lot these days and one of the issues while sleeping in strange hotels is the fact that there is no guarantee you will get a good nights sleep. But it is mostly because there are odd noises that keep you up all night, not the cacophony of garage trucks, highway traffic and noisy neighbours that I am used to at home.

But I certainly don’t miss it, or any other noise for that matter, when I hit the sack. However, it seems there are those who need to be lulled to sleep with the sounds of nature they crave for.


The Homedics Sound Spa is a sleep solution for such people. This portable device, which works on battery too, has preset sounds which you can turn on according to your preference.

So there is the sound of crickets in a summer night, a brook, the ocean, rain, thunder and strangely white noise, if that is your sort of thing. You can set volume on this small disc-like device and snore away as it plays the ambient sound of your choice.

The audio quality, however, is not that great. It is actually at par with what you would expect from a transistor doesn’t have the digital sharpness we are used to with Bluetooth speakers these days. But I don’t think the users here are looking for quality that much.

The device comes with a timer for 15, 30 and 60 minutes so that the device can also go to sleep once you are in your slumber. I am sure there are those who need some help getting some shut-eye. I too have had the problem, but for me it is better to hear silence than sound of any kind.

For those who have trouble going to sleep and crave for the tranquility of a thundery storm, the Homedics Sound Spa is something they can easily pack in their bags. At Rs 1,990, it is not that heavy on the wallet either.