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Geelani, Mirwaiz, Sehrai pay tribute to slain Tral, Kulgam militants

Srinagar, Nov 27: Leaders from Joint Hurriyat today paid rich tributes to the slain Kulgam and Tral militants.

In a statement issued here, Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani said that “champions of democracy and human rights should have woken up to see with their own eyes that people of Kashmir strive hard to achieve their basic and fundamental right for the last seven decades and has rendered great sacrifices in the form of life and livelihood.”

“Our nation has to stand by this movement as our life, honour, culture, religion and even the land is at stake and if we remain contended with the current situation, everything will be snatched from us,” he said.

He appealed for a complete poll boycott of ongoing Panchayat elections and cautioned people that voting for anybody amounts to betrayal as these votes are used as affirmative verdict to hoodwink the international community.

Geelani further said that those elected by votes play a ‘shameless role’ and obey every command from their masters, just to remain in power.

Hurriyat (M)

Hurriyat Conference (M) on Tuesday paid tributes to three militants killed in two separate gunfights in Redwani area of Kulgam and Tral in Pulwama district— Waris Ahmed Malik of Arwani, Reyaz Ahmed Makroo of Qaimoh, and Shakir Hassan Dar.

Hurriyat (M) spokesman in a statement issued to media said that the youth of Kashmir are giving their lives for a great cause and “it is our collective responsibility to protect these great sacrifices.”

He said that it’s high time that the people of Kashmir stay united and show steadfastness towards the mission for which young boys are spilling their blood.

“Under a well-planned strategy, the Kashmir’s land is turned red with the blood of young boys every day and that there is no denying the fact that this all is being done under a “planned genocide” wherein youth are the primary target,” he said.

The spokesman said that almost every day, people are shouldering the coffins of their young ones while as there is ultimate level of fear prevailing everywhere in Kashmir especially in South Kashmir districts where people have been left at the mercy of forces.

He said people are losing their dear ones while as houses are being blown up with high end explosives.

The spokesman said the level of ultimate fear looms large in every nook and corner of Kashmir and this all is being done to force the people of Kashmir and the separatist leadership into a submission.

He said that Kashmir is a well acknowledged dispute at the global level and attempts are being made to change the nature of disputed status of the issue but time is witness that all efforts to crush a genuine struggle across the globe have failed and that the peoples’ will has always prevailed.

The spokesman said that the solution to the Kashmir issue lies either in implementing UN resolutions or through tripartite dialogue with the active participation of people of Kashmir on board.

Meanwhile, the spokesman strongly condemned the arrest of senior APHC leader Mukhtar Ahmed Waza and disallowing him to carry out his political activities terming it ‘highly undemocratic’.


Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Chairman, Mohammed Ashraf Sehrai has expressed pain and anguish over the ‘prevailing grim situation’ in Kashmir and said, the lack of political will, strategic and economic interests are the reasons why the international community appears powerless to halt humanitarian crisis in Kashmir.

“Make no mistake. The world community is the victim of this moral and human distortion,” Sehrai said in a statement issued to media, adding that when everyone involved in the massacre in Kashmir and many other centers of friction allow people at power to carry out crimes against humanity without any international criticism.

Sehrai said, “These powers do not value human life and divine values one single bit, and they pay no attention to the concerns of humanity at the time when Kashmiris are subjected to tyranny. These men claim to advocate for human rights, have they no shame? The same people who sympathize with animals, the same people who magnify every problem that exists in countries which are not dependent on them, have been silent while innocent and defenseless men, women and children are being killed. Their behavior reveals how uncommitted and negligent they are regarding humans.”

While paying tributes to Kulgam and Tral militants and expressed solidarity, pain and grief with the bereaved families, he said, “These youth spilled their precious blood for the great and sacred cause of Kashmir and the entire nation of Kashmir is indebted to them.”

He said it is the collective responsibility of the people of Kashmir and the leadership in particular to take the ongoing movement to its ultimate realization.

“The unprecedented sacrifices of Kashmiri people for Kashmir cause would not go waste. People at power could not silence the voices of Kashmiris through use of brute force,” he said.

Sehrai strongly condemned the use of force on protestors, leaving many injured in indiscriminate bullet pellet and tear gas shelling. “This is absolute highhandedness of forces,” Sehrai said.

He said that “the message is clear anyone raising voice against the men holding the power chair will get bullet, pellet and death. Atrocities in Kashmir can never suppress a just indigenous political struggle for self- determination.”

Meanwhile, Sehrai expressed his deep grief over the demise of Father of Aga Syed Muzzafer Madni and Uncle of Syed Imtiyaz Haider, Aga Syed Hussain Madni Nowgam Sumbal.

While praying for departed soul, Sehrai prayed and bereaved with the families to bare irreparable loss.