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Geelani hails Pak PM’s mature response


Srinagar, Feb 28: Hurriyat Conference (G) chairman, Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday expressed serious concern on the escalating tension between India and Pakistan and said that although borders were never calm, but for the last couple of days they are roaring with thunders of bombs and guns threatening the whole population.

In a statement issued to the media, Geelani citing the Pulwama incident said that the strategists and manufacturers have created war madness in whole India.


Geelani said that claims and counter claims will have no end and it is immaterial, who kills how many and who bleeds more, one thing is sure that humanity and human race is threatened on both sides.

In a statement issued here, Hurriyat (G) chairman hailed the mature and repeated peace appeals by Pakistan premier and said that such statements can only come through a person with human heart.

“In response to the persistent provocation by the so-called world’s largest democracy, the press briefing from across are focused, sensible and responsible and they should be taken as a peace narratives rather than weakness, inability or incapability,” he said.

Pro-freedom leader said that if the war mongers and media generals continue to guide their political masters, a widespread disaster and a massive human devastation is eminent and then neither the media war rooms will thunder nor the jingoism and ultra-nationalism echo will be heard.

Hurriyat chairman said that sane and good sense should prevail on the architectures and escalators of this man made tragedy, they need to shun the denial veil and stop parroting the “Integral Part” rhetoric. Get to the root cause of this catastrophe in waiting, as the poor soldiers cannot always afford to offer their blood to satisfy power lust of their arrogant politicians.

Hailing the free accommodation offer of the Kashmiri Hoteliers for the stranded passengers and tourists because of prevailing circumstances, pro-freedom leader said that this is a difference between a human and a beast.

One is in search of his prey to quench his bloody thirst and take advantage of the circumstances while other in similar conditions offers his helping hand to the suffering masses irrespective of their cast, creed, religion or region. This is a slap on the face of those communal forces who used the Pulwama incident to flex their muscles on poor and helpless Kashmiries.

Condemning the recent NIA raids on scores of common people including pro-freedom leaders, Hurriyat chairman said that these coercive measures have never succeeded in curbing the sentiments of people and undemocratic, immoral and illogical tactics of harassing people, has its own repercussions and is just an addition to their long list of mighty tools used by our oppressor and will yield nothing.