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Everyone is stereotyped in some way or the other: Rochelle

Rochelle Rao Photoshoot Stills

Model-anchor Rochelle Rao is thrilled about the new season of “The Kapil Sharma Show” as she will get to play “quite a few different avatars” on the show. She says as far as comedy shows are concerned, they aren’t just related to stereotypes in regards to women. She feels that everyone is stereotyped in some way or the other, but all in good humour and spirit.

“When talking about a comedy show, it isn’t just related to stereotypes in regards with women, as honestly every stereotype that exists is explored on such shows. That is what actually gives us something to make fun of and joke about,” Rochelle told IANS in an email interview.

“So when it comes to that aspect of comedy, I feel that everyone needs to be a bit more sporting and learn to take it as a joke because that is what comedy is all about. You make fun of the world around you and life as we know it. But if we were to start considering each and every stereotype as it is, it would actually become quite hard for us to even come up with jokes and any kind of entertaining content.

“Though honestly speaking, in India this is what the audience loves. They love hearing a joke about a guy who sounds just like their boss, or even about a woman who sounds just like their mother-in-law.”

She feels that’s what comedy does.

“It gives people an opportunity to laugh about the things in their life, which would have otherwise caused them a lot of stress. So it’s not just the women, but just about everyone is stereotyped in some way or the other, but all in good humour and spirit,” said the former beauty queen.

Talking about her act in the show, which also features comedians like Bharti Singh and Kiku Sharda, she shared: “My act is a bit different as I will be seen in quite a few different avatars on the show. I can’t really reveal too much on that, but my character has been developed a bit more, with the glamour quotient intact as well, with a lot more experimentation and the fun element of course.”

The unique element of the show, she feels, is that they manage to strike a balance between the show being a healthy comedy family one as well as the characters bringing in their naughty side to the screen.

“It is really hard at times to keep a check on this in the comedy genre, but that is what makes us different because anyone from any walk of life can sit down and have a good laugh. That is definitely a very unique quality of our show,” she said.

“The second thing which makes us different is the fact that we are willing to explore what people haven’t been able to do before. Our characters are very relatable as well as so odd and strange.”

As far as working with Kapil Sharma, it’s always been a great experience for her.

“He is somebody who really takes the time to make sure that everybody is comfortable and understood well. He is always particular about where the gag or script is going, and we are always having a lot of fun on set!

“Kapil has overall set a very good habit of everyone just being together as a team, working together and building the script together as well as having some good laughs even while rehearsing. There is no hierarchy, no ego battles and just none of that. Our set is a really fun environment to be on, and it of course starts with him. It’s always felt like family to work with him,” she said.